Justin Bieber Neighbor Accuses Singer of Hate Crime: He Hates Jews!

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Justin Bieber recently shared contrasting photos on Instagram.

One was his mugshot in 2014, following an arrest for drunk driving; the other was a current picture of the handsome singer.

Along with these side-by-side images, Bieber praised himself for having come a long way in the last three years, adding that the "best is yet to come."

Justin Bieber is Hawt

But one of Bieber's most bitter enemies is looking to drag Justin back into his troubled past, telling a court this week that the artist is responsible for an endless amount of pain and suffering.

Remember Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz?

The couple formerly lived next door to Bieber.

It was their home that Bieber egged in January 2014 in one of the star's uglier incidents.

If you'll recall, Bieber was actually caught on video cursing at Jeffrey, prior to hurling a carton full of eggs in his direction.

Bieber was prosecuted for this ridiculous action, which resulted in the artist agreeing to pay $80,000 for repairs to his neighbor’s house.

But Jeffrey and Suzanne now say this wasn't sufficient; they claim in new legal documents that the negative publicity surrounding this case ruined Jeffrey's car sales business.

Justin Bieber Rocks a Tanktop

That seems a little hard to believe, but we'll leave it up to a judge to judge the merits of this allegation.

We can confirm, however, that Jeffrey and Suzanne have filed a lawsuit in which they cite emotional distress and loss of income - and they even say that a campaign of terror has been waged against them.

Meaning what, exactly?

In these new papers, lawyers for the Schwartzes write that Jeffrey was threatened with "body harm" by a man who referred to him as a "little Jew Boy" and who asked:

What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?

Due to the use of this language, the couple says it was the victim of a hate crime.

To be clear, the neighbors are NOT alleging that Bieber issued this threat and/or said these words.

They say the culprit was one of his bodyguards, according to TMZ.

Justin Bieber Bear Tattoo

An attorney for Bieber tells TMZ that such a charge is baseless and preposterous.

This lawyer says it is only being brought up because the labeling of any action as a "hate crime" would mean the Schwartzes could ask for an especially significant amount of money for damages.

Look for more news to break concerning this lawsuit over the coming days and weeks.

We doubt it will lead to very much for Bieber, but considering the singer recently made headlines for calling his fans animals, we'd have to imagine he's in the market for positive press these days.

This can't help with that mission.

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