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Justin Bieber is now $80,000 lighter in the pocket.

According to TMZ, the artist’s attorney appeared in court today and told a judge that his client has fulfilled the monetary portion of probation, which stems from a January incident in which Bieber egged his neighbor’s home.

As restitution for the extensive damage his idiotic behavior caused, Bieber has paid the victim $80,000.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

In addition to cash settlement, Bieber has completed six anger management classes and still has six more to take.

He also must finish six hours of community service, with an insider telling TMZ he’ll do so by working for MusiCares, a non-profit that helps musicians struggling with health, addiction and other personal issues.


Justin will paint walls, move furniture and do other manual labor-type tasks as part of his punishment, which his lawyer says will be completed by February 10.

Bieber was not convicted of egging his neighbor’s house many months ago, but the neighbor did film Bieber in the middle of the ridiculous act.

One could hear Justin’s voice, but one could not see his face.

Authorities did not deem this video sufficient as enough evidence to prosecute Bieber for the crime, nor did they find any proof of the egging in his house after executing a search warrant.

But rather than fight a lawsuit in court, Bieber arrived at a settlement agreement in which he’ll pay the neighbor’s bills and do something about his obvious anger problem.