Jenelle Evans Blasts MTV AGAIN: Find Out Why!

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Jenelle Evans has a knack for biting the hand that feeds her. 

The Teen Mom 2 star seems to be trashing the network and producers for the way she and her family are edited. Maybe she did not get the memo that storylines are pretty much constructed in the edit. 

Jenelle Looking Stoic

Her latest war of words surrounds the reality series implying that she and fiancé, David Eason are consistently at war with her mother, Barbara Evans. 

She took to Facebook to share a throwback post that seemed to confirm the trio took an Uber to get dinner together. 

“Of course MTV never showed the night me, David, and my mom all went out without any kids and had a great time,” Jenelle captioned the Facebook Memories post from a year ago. “They would never want to show the three of us getting along. 😐”

Having the Teen Mom 2 cameras around most of the time, you would think it would be something that would have made its way on to the TV show. 

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

However, we have no idea what sort of story the producers want to construct for the stars of the show. Jenelle revealed in the past that she would like to leave the show to make her own show and edit it her way. 

Granted, it must be infuriating to be portrayed in a bad way on TV, but that's sort of what happens when you sign up to appear on one of the most controversial TV shows out there. 

Jenelle in Court

A person in the comments claimed that the picture looked deceiving. 

“Ya’ll look happy and she looks like she’s giving him the look, lol,” she wrote. Jenelle responded by revealing, “No she was explaining a huge story lmao.”

Yeah, we believe you, Jenelle. 

Jenelle recently revealed that none of her TM2 co-stars were invited to her wedding, and there are even rumblings that her mother won't be in attendance at the event. 

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