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It’s been a strange few weeks in the lives of the Shannon family.

The former reality stars faded into obscurity years ago, following a bizarre scandal in which it was revealed that matriarch June Shannpn was dating the man who had been imprisoned for molesting her daughter, Anna Cardwell.

It’s not the sort of thing public figures typically bounce back from, but “Mama June” has done exactly that … with the help of a few skilled surgeons.

Photo via WEtv

Yes, if you’ve been anywhere near social media in the past week, you’ve probably heard about June Shannon’s weight loss.

The 37-year-old has dropped nearly 300 pounds with the help of a team of doctors and the We TV reality series Not to Hot.

For obvious reasons, June’s been receiving a great deal of attention, and as a result, her family is back under the media microscope.

Not surprisingly, it seems the post-sex scandal years haven’t been particularly kind to Mama June’s kin.

June’s relationship with her ex, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson remains contentious, and not surprisingly, she’s still not on speaking terms with Anna.

Anna Cardwell Image

Today, the family situation became even more grim, as we learned that Anna has separated from her husband of three years, 

“We are separated,” the 22-year-old mother of two wrote in a Facebook post today.

“It’s just a lot on both of us and [we] have a lot to think about. But this is only temporary right now. I love him and always will no matter where this goes.”

Cardwell has reportedly moved in with Sugar Bear and his new wife, Jennifer Lamb.

“I told her she can stay for as long as she needs,” Sugar bear told Radar Online.

Though she’s back in her hometown, it seems Anna will not be getting in touch with her mother.

“Anna definitely won’t be getting together with June,” says a family insider.

“She feels betrayed by her own mother. It’s sad.”

She’s not wrong to feel that way.

Not only did June allegedly carry on an appalling relationship with Anna’s attacker, she was caught stealing from Cardwell in 2015.

Something tells us that relationship won’t be mended any time soon.