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Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are unique among reality shows, in that the central cast members rarely spend any time together.

The show was conceived as a means of chronicling the varying experiences of different teenage expectant mothers in different regions of the US.

These days it’s taken on more of a soapy docu-drama feel, but the ladies still live in far-flung regions of the country, in most cases far from any metropolitan cultural centers.

Teen Mom Season 6 Cast Photo

A few times a year, however, the entire cast of Teen Mom: OG descends upon New York or LA to record supplemental material or attend an event sponsored by MTV.

Last week, all four of the series’ leads flew to Los Angeles for a premiere party celebrating the debut of Teen Mom: OG

Three-fourths of the cast (Farrah remains on the outs with the other ladies) hit the town for a sort of mobile after-party after things rapped up, and predictably, things got a wild crazy.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with a few twenty-somethings hitting the town and ingesting some substances now and then, but fans are a bit concerned due to the troubled pasts of two of the ladies who got went out raging that night.

Teen Mom O(MF)G

If you watch Teen Mom online, you’re probably aware that Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell have both struggled with emotional and substance abuse issues in the not-so-distant past.

Portwood went to prison, choosing incarceration over rehab after a series of brushes with the law.

Lowell checked into rehab for a number of emotional issues, and decided that she suffers from a "psychological addiction" to marijuana.

So it’s a bit surprising that the ladies were decided to chronicle their booze- and weed-fueled night on the town for their social media followers.

Matt Baier Partying

The above image from Tyler Baltierra’s Snapchat is a little tough to make out, but it appears to show Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier, brandishing a bottle of booze in the back of a limo.

It’s one of a few blurry photos from that night, but more telling than the images they posted on social media are the words:

“Happy 420 everyone,” Lowell tweeted at one point.

“Remember NO smoking and driving! Always remember park and spark!”

Lowell recently admitted on Lowell that she’s frequented dispensaries in states where weed is legal (like California).

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic

Guess she’s not too worried about that "psychological addiction" these days.

As for Portwoord, she’s addressed fans’ concerns about her drinking in the past by explaining that she’s sober from prescription pain pills, and has no issues with booze.

We guess if it works for Amber and Catelynn, then who are we to judge?

Here’s hoping both of the ladies stay safe.