Being Amber Portwood: Teen Mom Special Explores Life After Prison

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Like her former co-star Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood was the focal point of an hour-long Teen Mom special presentation last night on MTV.

Both reality stars have struggled and experienced their ups and downs, but few celebrities - or people in general - have hit the lows Amber experienced.

Portwood was famously hit with a five-year prison sentence following a series of drug-related arrests and failure to get clean as part of her probation.

After 17 months behind bars, she's out. But what's life like these days for her?

Amber Portwood, Leah Photos

When talking with her family about her time in prison, Portwood was honest.

"It's been a year and a half of hell," she says, looking back on her incarceration. "It was really bad. But I worked on myself and worked to make myself better."

As for reuniting with her daughter Leah after spending that long locked up?

"I'm nervous," Amber Portwood says. "She's afraid I'm going to leave her again."

Realizing how badly she blew it, she adds, "I just f--king hate everything I did."

She also admits she struggles with staying sober, even if she's committed to it.

She's out of jail and knows where she can get drugs. That alone is an issue, but her family supports her and has offered to go with her to NA meetings.

Hopefully, she continues to turn her life around. There's no doubt that she's trying and has the best of intentions, but it's going to be an uphill battle.

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