Jenelle Evans vs. Leah Messer: Feud Erupts on Twitter!

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Last night's Teen Mom 2 reunion show focused on Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska, and while there was plenty of drama on those fronts (particularly on Kailyn's end), it was a preview of next week's installment that really got fans talking online.

The clip showed Jenelle storming away from the studio, explaining to a producer that she didn't believe she was being treated properly.

Jenelle Opens Up

"I just keep telling everyone I don’t feel good and nothing’s being done about it!” Jenelle shrieks at the poor handler tasked with preventing her from leaving the lot.

“I’m gonna make myself feel better and I’m going to leave,” Jenelle concludes.

Not surprisingly, Jenelle's diva antics sparked some manor backlash on social media.

Never one to back down from a fight, Evans responded on Twitter:

"Behind the scenes drama," Jenelle tweeted.

Jenelle Evans is Pregnant

"I was done filming my part of the reunion and was hungry for hours with a burning chest from heart burn.

Sounds like a reasonable explanation.

But if you thought she was done justifying her actions, you don't know Jenelle.

She continued:

"So I ended up leaving with David and Jace back to the hotel and everyone was trying to keep me from leaving… I just wanted food lol."

David Eason Holding Jenelle Evans' Baby Bump

Fans pointed out that the excuses didn't seem to jibe with the fact that Jenelle told producers she needed to go home because she was sick.

She responded:

"I was sick because I had acid reflux/heartburn from not eating. No one cared cuz I asked for food for 3 hours and wasn’t allowed to leave."

Yet again, she continued:

"I had acid reflux because I was pregnant. Had it every day until I delivered. Even made me throw up like crazy."

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

If there's anyone on the show who understands taking flak from fans, it's Leah Messer.

Leah has been criticized for everything from her parenting to her love life, 

But even Ms. Messer wasn't having Jenelle's excuses:

“She gets paid for this, she should be here," Messer stated bluntly.

Of course, Chelsea Houska was also pregnant at the time, but unlike Jenelle, Houska is actually well-liked by her co-stars.

Jenelle Evans Holds Baby Bump VMAs 2016

So when she was asked about the fact that Chelsea wasn't feeling well, Leah offered a much warmer response:

"Chelsea is sick,” Leah said.

“I do not blame her, she is carrying a child she needs to go ahead.”

Naturally, Jenelle felt the need to respond to Leah's criticism, tweeting:

“@TM2LeahDawn damn tell me how you really feel! Haha, I was sick and pregnant with heart burn. You know nothing you’re right so don’t comment.”

She concluded:

“Don’t be fake. #Truth”

Fun fact: the more someone uses "#Truth" the more likely it is that they're a compulsive liar.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to get caught up in time for next week's reunion show.

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