Tony Raines: Madison Channing Walls' Ex Jealous of Javi Marroquin?

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Real World alum Tony Raines opened up about his ex-girlfriend, Madison Channing Walls, dating Teen Mom 2 cast member Javi Marroquin.

Is he concerned about it?

Tony Raines

Tony says he wishes Madison, the mother of his child, only the best. He's open about how the new romance gives him pause, though.

“For me, it was really sudden, but with Madison, we have a really, really good relationship,” Raines told E! News of Walls dating Marroquin.

“Things were rocky for a long time but we co-parent so well and she’s awesome with [our daughter] Harper. I'm really thankful for that.”

"I find it kind of interesting ... I'm really happy for her."

Hmm. "Interesting" is an ... interesting word choice.

The Louisiana native was Madison's roommate on The Real World: Skeletons and is familiar with the other members of the MTV family.

In other words, the Teen Mom 2 star is on his radar.

Javi Marroquin and Madison Channing Walls

Their parallel lives offer both reassurances and red flags.

Marroquin's personal life and relationship with ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, with whom he also shares a child, has played out on TV like his own.

"I've seen Javi a few times on the show and as far as I can tell, you know, he's a military guy and that's awesome," Tony said of Javi.

"I see how he is with his children and that's very commendable," Raines adds, echoing a familiar sentiment about Marroquin.

"So, I'm pretty excited for Madison," he reiterates. "I think she deserves a good guy and happiness and all that good stuff."

"I think with this [relationship] the sky is the limit for them."

If it sounds like there's a "but" coming, though ... 

Madison Channing Walls and Javi

Raines admits he thinks about how his kid will be impacted by this, and not all of his thoughts on the topic are positive or all that optimistic.

"If I have to see another guy potentially help raise my daughter and it's on TV, it's in the public eye, I don't know how I'm going to feel about that."

"This will be the third guy that Madison has introduced to Harper within a year," he adds. "I'm her dad so we've got to talk about this."

Tony continued, "They call it reality television for a reason!"

"It's no make believe... He might come home from work and pick her up and it's filmed, and he's picking her up in the air and he goes to kiss her."

"I'm like, 'Whoa, man.' I might jump through the screen!"

Javi Marroquin, Madison Channing Walls

"That's my only concern," Raines said. "That's my only worry. I don't know if that's childish or petty of me but that's my only thing with it."

Tony says he believes Javi would get it, 100 percent.

"Eventually if they do work out, I'm sure I'll get to meet him and stuff," he said. "I think he would side with me on that [regarding] his son."

"If I was dating [Kailyn Lowry] or something and his son was going to be coming into my life I'm sure he would feel the same way I feel."

"There's no bitterness there toward that guy; it's just the situation," he reiterated. "It's just a little tough when you have babies involved."

Madison confirmed she is dating Javi earlier this month, saying, “Javi and I are definitely together. We are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Javi Marroquin with Son

The Real World: Skeletons alum made the first move, direct messaging Marroquin on Instagram after fans noted their similar life situations.

Walls and Raines share daughter Harper, 13 months, so his comment that this is already her third boyfriend since they split was eye-opening.

Javi is on at least his second new relationship since divorcing Kailyn, having dated (and introduced Lincoln, 3, to) Cassie Bucka last year.

While Kailyn is pissed about Javi dating her, according to reports, he says they're doing their best to put the past behind them and go forward.

“We’ve put everything behind us to raise our son the right way,” Javi said after fans started dragging his ex, saying they should move on too.  

Wishful thinking or the first step of a long journey?

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