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While the Teen Mom world is still unsure who is Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy, Javi Marroquin appears to be focusing his attention elsewhere:

With his new girlfriend, Madison Channing Walls!

Madison Channing Walls and Javi

Javi, you may recall, previously made headlines after announcing his divorce from Kail by flaunting his relationship with Cassie Bucka.

That fizzled fast, but he’s landed a replacement.

Marroquin’s new squeeze is a fellow MTV reality star: Madison Channing Walls, for the unfamiliar, stars on The Real World: Skeletons.

About a week ago, the 24-year-old father of Lowry’s second son Lincoln cryptically told In Touch that he’d been “talking to someone.”

Now it looks like that someone has been revealed, and their budding romance is Instagram official – the true measuring stick of modern love.

To the surprise of no one, the fact that they were pictured together on Instagram, looking every bit the couple, got a lot of attention.

Madison Channing Walls Picture

Javi kept the caption to their debut pic simple:

A fire emoji and that’s it. Says it all, right?

Who is Madison Channing Walls? A cougar, for one! Sort of. Madi turns 27 in September, so she’s a little more than two years his senior.

She’s also a single parent. Last year, Walls and her Real World co-star (and ex-boyfriend) Tony Raines welcomed a baby girl, Harper.

While that understandably complicates things, it also gives Madi and Javi a chance to bond over the most important thing in their lives.

A former child star, Walls has been through a lot. She was billed on The Real World as a "recovering heroin addict looking for a fresh start.”

Looks like she’s made the most of it.

Madison Channing Walls, Daughter

"Bubbles," her nickname given to her because of her personality (bubbly, obviously), has been clean more than two years at this point.

Her MTV bio emphasized that she puts a lot of stock in her close female friendships, so Javi can expect to be subjected to some scrutiny.

The way things ended with Kail, that’d be cause for concern if we were Marroquin, but hopefully he’s moved on at least a little bit since.

To say that the Teen Mom 2 twosome’s marriage ended tumultuously, or relations remain icy between them, would be an understatement.

Dueling understatements, really.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, Javi hasn’t been doing himself many favors in the PR department, especially in recent installments.

Javi Marroquin, Madison Channing Walls

In a clip from tonight’s episode, Javi comes over to apologize for acting a little unhinged lately, but within 30 seconds, he loses it again.

His qualified, half-assed apology quickly gave way to accusations of her banging other dudes and defending how he broke into her house.

Marroquin now only admitted he entered Lowry’s home through the basement, he said he can and would do it again if he felt like it.

Despite her son being confused and scared, no less.

“You have to understand how crazy you’ve made me for six months,” Javi says, as if that somehow justifies anything he says or does next.

Kailyn tells him not to call her a ho and defends her own actions, denying that she "slept with all these dudes" as Marroquin worded it.

How does this impact Javi’s new romance?

Hopefully not at all, but one has to wonder if he’s really in a good enough place mentally where he can begin a new, healthy relationship.

Is this one destined to flame out as well?

Fingers crossed that Madi has her s–t together, and she and Tony are on amicable, positive terms regarding their child and themselves.

Maybe that maturity will rub off on Javi.