Teen Mom 2 Stars: PISSED About Briana DeJesus Joining Cast!

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Yesterday, we learned that former Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus is joining the cast of Teen Mom 2.

If the move sounds confusing, well, that's because it very much is, and not surprisingly, fans have a lot of questions:

Why would MTV add a new wild card to a show that's already brimming with drama?

Briana DeJesus Selfie

Why would producers pull talent from a different series, one that failed to connect with viewers during its very brief run?

(Teen Mom 3 was canceled in 2013 after just one season.)

But most of all, why would anyone risk pissing off a Jenelle Evans and company by taking away their screen time?

Insiders say the cast is royally pissed about the addition of DeJesus, who they see as a threat to their well-established careers as reality TV stalwarts.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that two of the show's stars are anonymously speaking out against the casting of DeJesus.

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“It something isn’t broke, why fix it?” said one of the moms who's almost certainly Jenelle.

“The show is doing beyond well.”

Another cast member (or Jenelle pretending to be another cast member) echoed that sentiment:

“It’s the most bizarre move MTV has ever made,” she complained.

“They are jumping the shark!”

Briana DeJesus and Nova

There are reason to believe that at least one of the sources is Jenelle that go beyond the huffy tone, which brings Ms. Evans' attitude very much to mingd.

Jenelle and Briana have feuded extensively on social media for reasons that remain unclear.

In fact, some believe DeJesus is being added to the mix in order spice up TM2's reunion shows in a fashion similar to last year's Farrah Abraham-Amber Portwood fight on Teen Mom: OG.

When the news was first announced, a rumor that Briana was cast to replace a Chelsea Houska spread like wildfire on social media.

The theory held that Chelsea is content with her new baby and marriage to Cole DeBoer and wants no part in the drama and scrutiny that come with starring on the MTV reality series.

Cole DeBoer & Chelsea Houska Reveal They're Expecting a Baby

Sources close to the show, however, say there's no truth to those reports.

“Chelsea has a great producer now, and has been able to avoid most of the chaos that MTV likes to push,” says the insider.

So it sounds like five women will now be filling in the same hour that's been occupied by just four for the past eight seasons.

You can expect to hear reports of Jenelle being arrested mid-tantrum by the end of today.

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