Farrah Abraham Slammed For Yet Another Inappropriate Photo of Daughter!

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If you follow her on social media (and you really should, because the woman is one of the most unabashed celebrity trainwrecks in modern history), you know Farrah Abraham is often criticized for her bizarre relationship with her daughter.

For example, she recently allowed Sophia to join Snapchat, despite the fact that she was freakin' 7 at the time.

Of course, even that wasn't as strange as the time Farrah talked about her daughter's future sex tape.

Farrah Abraham Sophia Abraham Pete's Dragon Screening Pic

Did we mention Sophia just turned 8 last month?

Farrah has been accused of posting inappropriate photos of Sophia several times in the past, and she says it's all part of her effort to spark the girl's modeling career.

Yet again, we feel the need to point out that she's eight. Years. Old.

Anyway, Farrah has come under fire for yet another pic of Sophia in swimwear, but compared to some of the other things she's done with her daughter, this one looks downright innocent:

Sophia Abraham Modeling Photo

Naturally, Farrah's taking some flak in the comments, but we think this a case where people are more pissed off that Farrah Abraham still exists than they are about the photo.

Getting pissed about this photo is like getting pissed that Trump likes his steaks well done:

So there's sooooooo much more to be angry about in both cases.

In a recent interview with People, Farrah defended her parenting (which is really just the worst, like, 90% of the time), and sounded remarkably eloquent (by Farrah standards) in doing so:

“There’s a lot of young children who do modeling, and everyone loves her pictures,” she explained.

Farrah & Sophia Abraham In Hawaii

“I think because we’re on Teen Mom OG, we get bad criticism, but Sophia’s doing amazing in modeling, I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

She added:

“There’s nothing wrong with embracing how awesome Sophia is."

"I think all of our children are little stars, and if they want to take pictures like everyone does, there’s nothing to judge,”

Yes, in Farrah's world "everyone poses for professional swimsuit photos.

The woman is deeply, deeply delusional, but that's one of the many things we love/hate about her.

Watch Teen Mom online for more nonsense from the mouth of everyone's favorite former porn star.

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