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Remember back in the day when Farrah Abraham was just a dumb, obnoxious cheerleader?

Oh, how times have changed.

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Well, she’s still dumb and obnoxious of course, but the difference is that back then, she was pretty much harmless. She had a chance of growing out of her insufferable ways.

Yeah, not so much anymore.

After the sex tape debacle, she changed. She got more famous, she got more money, and it all went directly to her head.

So it kind of just makes sense that she’s allegedly out of control with booze and pills these days.

Farrah Abraham for MTV
Photo via MTV

A blind item was posted on the website Crazy Days and Nights last month about a Teen Mom whose drinking has gotten a bit out of hand.

"Combine that with some pills she was prescribed and her already notorious temper and she is a walking train wreck," the report  read.

"She has also gained about 20 pounds and recently screamed at a fan who wrongfully pointed it out to her."

And just in case you’re thinking that the blind item could actually be about Amber Portwood — the addiction, the prescriptions, the fluctuating weight — the report concludes with "Not Amber."

Farrah Abraham in a Pink Dress Photo
Photo via Getty Images

Besides, the item was recently revealed to be about Farrah.

It’s not so hard to believe, right? Farrah’s been known to throw back a drink or five, and goodness knows her temper could be described as "notorious."

And she has gained a little bit of weight recently. You can see it in this photo she shared earlier this week:

Farrah Abraham with Wings
Photo via Instagram

We know it’s a struggle to imagine her screaming at fans, but … oh, what’s that?

It’s not at all a struggle to imagine because Farrah is the worst?


But perhaps the most damning evidence that this blind item could be true is a statement from Farrah’s boyfriend, Simon Saran.

Radar Online reached out to Farrah for a response, but didn’t receive one. But when they asked Simon, he told them that he’s "not sure" if he could make a comment or not.

If the rumor was false, why wouldn’t he just say that? A simple "no comment" would have made more sense than what he said.

But hey, either way, best wishes for Farrah. Even if she’s not struggling with a drinking problem, it still seems like she could really use them.