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It’s a good thing Donald Trump is fresh off yet another golf weekend at Mar-a-Lago, because this morning’s news is enough to give him a serious case of the Mondays.

According to the latest Gallup poll, the president’s approval rating is at a paltry 37 percent.

That’s a sharp drop from his 45 percent rating of just last week, and it’s also a record low.

Donald Trump at the White House
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Gallup has been polling the American public and publishing the results since the Truman administration, and no president in that time has seen such dismal figures so early in his administration.

The latest decline is likely a result of Trump’s 2018 budget proposal, which seeks to make extreme cuts to a number of vital government agencies, some of which the president promised to protect during his campaign.

But this is Donnie Baby Hands we’re talking about, so the news that he’s taking away your healthcare and taking food out of your freeloading great-grandmother’s mouth is far from being the only scandal of the week.

In addition to a budget so absurd that even his fellow Republicans were heard to remark "bruh," Trump has once again attracted the attention of the FBI.

Donald Trump Signs Order
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In fact, the bureau is interested in Trump for two reasons, both of which are pile further embarrassment on top of what’s already a triple-decker sh-t sandwich of an administration.

For starters, FBI Director James Comey confirmed today that his agency is investigating Trump’s claim that Barack Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election. 

This never happened, and for proof we need look no further than the fact that when Trump was asked to supply expand upon the basis for this claim, he basically said, "Hey, look over there!" and ran away.

But that’s just the beginning of Trump’s troubles with the nation’s top domestic intelligence agency, as the FBI has also confirmed that it’s investigating the Trump administrations ties to Russia.

Donald Trump Measures His Wall
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Yes, Russia.

The Big Bad Villain country of your childhood that our president now falls all over himself to defend despite evidence that its hackers manipulated our presidential election.

SEVEN members of Trump’s staff have admitted to contact with Russia during the president’s campaign, and if it’s revealed that they colluded with Vladimir Putin to influence the vote, it would be a scandal the likes of which this nation has never seen.

So, yeah…

Trump might want to take a page from the book of another lumpy orange curmudgeon, Garfield (the cat, not the president), and just spend this Monday in bed.