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Back in November of 2015, Courtland Rogers was arrested for possession of heroin.

The ex-husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was sentenced to three years behind bars and would reportedly be ineligible for early release to his status as a repeat offender.

Courtland Rogers 2017 Photo

But after participating in rehab and agreeing to a supervised release program, Rogers was released from prison ahead of schedule earlier this month.

There were rumors that Rogers would attempt to win back Jenelle, but it seems that at this point, he’s more focused on keeping his nose clean and living a drama-free life.

Over the weekend, Rogers logged back into his old Twitter account.

“Been dreaming about this day for a longgggggg time now,” Rogers tweeted.

Later that day, he tweeted about the joys of sleeping in his own bed after 18 months on a prison cot:

“How wonderful it feels to b in my bed …. Goodnight,” Rogers wrote.

He also posted a short, bitterwseet video of his daughter, captioning it:

“Just cried my eyes out to this …this was the night before I went away for a year and a half.”

Yes, it seems Court is content to enjoy the simple pleasures in life these days.

It’s probably for the best that those rumors about his desire to get back together with his ex appear to be groundless.

After all, Jenelle just welcomed her third child and got engaged to David Eason.

Like her first husband, she seems to be very gradually settling down, which is all to the good.

Of course, Court isn’t entirely living like a monk these days.

In fact, it seems he has a clear idea of the direction in which he’d like to take his dating life.

Among the tweets Rogers posted in his first hours back on social media was this one:

“What is Hailie Mathers official twitter page???? Anybody???”

Might not want to go there, Court.

Hailie is 21 now, but we’re guessing her dad warned her about angry tattooed guys with lots of substance abuse and unhealthy relationships in their past, ya know?