Corinne Olympios: Secretly Engaged While on The Bachelor, Keith Berman Claims!

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Was The Bachelor's infamous seductress Corinne Olympios secretly engaged the entire time she starred on the ABC reality show?

That's the (crazy) rumor of the day, coming to you courtesy of Keith Berman, a man claiming to be Corinne's former boyfriend.

Corinne Olympios and Keith Berman

Corinne's former fling has been outspoken since she was ousted after her hometown date, as The Bachelor spoilers accurately predicted.

While there has been recurring talk that Corinne Olympios is engaged to Keith Berman, he says that's not true ... but that she is engaged.

To someone else. Right here, and right now.

According to Berman, he hooked up two years ago with Olympios after meeting her through mutual friends, and they've kept in touch.

As recently as last month, he saw the 24-year-old Miami-based business owner in L.A., where she allegedly admitted her secret love life.

"She literally pressed upon the fact to me that they were still together," he tells Us about Olympios and her longtime on-off boyfriend.

Corinne Olympios Instagram Photo

"She said to me, 'We're still together. I don't want anyone to know ... you have to keep this secret for me.' And I said, 'OK, I'll do whatever you want.'"

"That was what she had told me in person."

Berman says Olympios wanted to keep her relationship secret because "she didn't want people to think she was on the show for the wrong reasons."

"I thought she was on the show for the right reasons," he says, hilariously employing the show's go-to cliche, "but I guess I was wrong."

(Personally, we thought she was there for the fame and the Fantasy Suite sex with Nick, which she amazingly didn't get, but no matter.)

Moreover, Berman claims that not only his Corinne in a relationship, but that her alleged boyfriend called to yell at him for running his month!

Corinne Olympios Topless Photo

Berman writes of the online altercation that ensued:

"He figured out [that we hung out] two years ago and [more recently than that]; and they’ve apparently been dating/together for 3 years."

"So you do the math, he thought she cheated on him. Or at least that’s what I thought he was mad about when he was yelling at me on the phone!"

"(Mind you they weren’t supposed to be in contact!)"

Keith then addressed Corinne personally, saying:

"Your Bachelor stint was a complete sham and now the whole town knows it! You HAD A FIANCÉ THE ENTIRE SHOW!


Corinne to Win

"I’ll spare the internet the details," he says, despite the fact that he is doing the opposite and proving the Internet many, many details.

"Because there’s no need for another kid to get dragged through the mud and bothered by the press as well."

"But trust me," Berman assures us, "I know exactly who her mystery man / real ex boyfriend / fiance is!"

Olympios' response to all this is simple.

"I'm not engaged," she says.

"I don't know [why these rumors are out there]. I'm hearing so many different things. It’s just that people love to talk, I guess."

"Are you kidding me? This is getting so ridiculous. I’m getting fed up with all these rumors. Especially the rumors about Keith Berman.”

Corinne says that she is not currently dating and could be open to appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, which obviously needs to happen.

She's the star of this season, or any season, hands down, even if she didn't end up with the final rose or even a Fantasy Suite invitation.

A trip to Paradise would make up for all that, and serve as a natural extension of Corinne's reign of terror/awesomeness over the franchise.

In the meantime, Nick Viall will choose a Bachelor winner among Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates on Monday night's season finale.

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