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As The Bachelor spoilers predicted months ago, the two biggest stars of this season didn’t even make it to next week’s season finale.

There’s Rachel Lindsay, the upcoming star of The Bachelorette. And Corinne Olympios, the most notorious competitor in show history.

Corinne Olympios on The Bachelor GIF
Photo via Tumblr

Despite not even making it to the Fantasy Suite portion of Nick Viall’s journey for love, Corinne was the breakout star of the ’17 season.

She was all people talked about before, during and after her stint on the show, which came to an end three episodes ago at this point.

Her performance all winter, and her appearance on the Women Tell All where she was forced to defend it, proved this and then some.

The Florida native received plenty of backlash for allegedly being too, um, sex-focused, but she has a dual response to that criticism:

1. There’s a lot you didn’t see, and the show edited her in a way that makes her look like the biggest sex-crazed villain in reality TV history.

2. Who cares?! Is sex not part of relationships?!

Corinne Olympios in GIF Form
Photo via ABC

"It was Nick’s birthday, actually, which no one really knew," she says of one such incident, in which Nick licked whipped cream off of her chest.

"It looked a little more provocative than I meant it." 

Maybe so, but there was no dancing around certain things she said, such as proclaiming that her heart is gold, but her "vagine is platinum."

What the hell is a platinum vagine anyway?!

"It’s just a really good one," she tells ET.

Corinne Olympios Vagina Quote

"It’s very good looking. I’m lasered. It’s like, small and cute. There’s no weird things going on down there. I’ve seen some scary vaginas."

"If you have a sterling silver vagine, that’s the worst!" Olympios told the network, fortunately not elaborating on the topic any further.

Olympios, 24, can always be counted on to speak her mind, and as such, says it’s "surprising" that their hometown date was her last.

"With all of our sexual attraction towards each other," she says, being axed was shocking and "bad…what was he thinking?! He missed out!"

She says inside the Fantasy Suite, "anything could have happened," though she’s not sure if she would’ve been The Bachelor winner.

Her reason for that? Surprisingly humble.

Corinne Gets the Rose

"There’s no telling because there were other relationships too, and the other girls are really great," she said of the three who outlasted her.

"I did love Nick and cared a lot about him," Olympios says, insisting that she appeared "more promiscuous" than she would have liked.

At the same time, Corinne says exploring sex with a partner is "healthy" and has no qualms about it being part of a relationship progression.

"If you were doing this off-camera and getting into a relationship, you would have sex," she says, so why would this be all that different.

As for whether she thinks Rachel, Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi made sweet love in the Fantasy Suite with the man of the hour?

"I’m pretty sure that they did. I think they need to! I don’t think you can really get engaged to somebody without having sex with them."

Olympios says she isn’t just a sex fiend; Corinne had real, "emotional" conversations with Viall about "how we would do life together."

Now, she does miss him as a friend as well. 

"If he ever wants to talk or hang out, I’m always down for that," she shares, adding that she’s not focused on dating anyone now.

Nor is Corinne Olympios engaged to Keith Berman.

"Right now I’m more focused on doing me," she said, which doesn’t mean there hasn’t been interest expressed … A LOT of interest.

"No men for right now. Almost every email I get [after leaving the show] is, ‘So, can I take you out since Nick is done with you?’"