Corinne Olympios: Engaged to Keith Berman?!

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Corinne Olympios is still the star of The Bachelor, despite having been eliminated by Nick Viall after her hometown date two episodes ago.

Case in point: Her rumored, upcoming marriage to ex Keith Berman. Yes, already. Or so the Internet would have you believe ... 

Corinne Olympios: OMFG!

As The Bachelor spoilers predicted, the 24-year-old took over the entire season, becoming one of the franchise's most famous contestants.

Naturally, fans are dying to know what she's been up to since getting dumped by Nick, and with Corinne, nearly anything seems possible.

She's cultivated that kind of reputation so far in 2017.

One rumor suggested that she and Nick were still banging on the side, while another suggested she was engaged to ex Keith Berman.

Yes, it's a busy life in the spotlight post-Bachelor.

Corinne to Win

Corinne's response to either could be summed up in three letters: LOL. "No. I’m not engaged. Are you kidding me?" Olympios said.

"This is getting so ridiculous," Corinne said.

"I’m getting fed up with all these rumors."

We don't believe for a second that she's sick of the attention, but we also don't believe Corinne actually got engaged to someone already.

Keith, who claims to be one of Corinne’s ex-lovers and even wrote a blog post about their past hookups, said of her a few weeks prior:

"Soooo all you girls are wondering is Corinne actually batshit crazy in real life? Well, I had a little fling with Corinne two years ago."

And? Do tell, Keith!

Corinne Olympios Topless

"Let me be the first to say she’s got you all eating out of the palms of her hands… You think Corinne doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing?!"

"HA! She’s been playing this game her whole life," he said, and that part we 100 percent believe. "Now she’s just doing it on national TV.

According to Berman, he met the 24-year-old seductress / business owner a few years ago in her hometown through a mutual friend.

He says they hooked up "a couple times" and have since "stayed in touch," and claims they spoke as recently as a few weeks ago.

Berman has high praise for Olympios, calling her a "f--king superstar right now" and saying that The Bachelor is "right up her alley."

"She’s got a great personality for it. I was pumped that she was on it. I knew she would kill it, honestly," he says of Corinne.

Corinne Olympios Bikini Picture

Keith acknowledged the "exaggerated representation" of her shown on ABC, calling her mostly "very normal" but "playing it up for TV."

"They’re trying to portray her as some stupid girl, but she’s really not that dumb. She knows exactly what she’s doing."

"She's a very good-looking girl, and she’s just aggressive. She’s very aggressive, and when you’re that good-looking of a girl?"

"Most guys aren’t going to turn a girl that looks like that down? She knows how to play up her sexiness. Nick is into it, and she knows."

Corinne responded to this to E! News, telling them:

"Keith Berman and I literally, literally are zero."

"Never were anything, never anything."

Corinne Olympios Bikini Photo

"He is the last person on the planet that I ever thought would have a media scandal," Olympios adds, implying that he's out for attention.

"These rumors with him have got to stop," she says, and only in the life of Corinne would this not be the consensus crazy rumor of the week.

In addition to the engagement talk, she also takes issue with "the rumor about me seeing Nick post-show and having sex with Nick post-show."

"That is just stupid… Who comes up with this bulls--t?"

"The last time I saw [Nick] was the day he put me in the limo," Olympios insists, referring to the unceremonious aftermath of her hometown date.

Again, it's not that crazy, given that Corinne admits she had sex with Nick while on the show, but we're guessing this is faux incredulity.

Corinne Olympios Bikini Pic

All we can say is that the Internet comes up with a lot of things, and there's no way she's actually upset about being kept this relevant.

After all, she’s working on a new clothing line that will include T-shirts and bathing suits, and any publicity has to help with her sales.

Right? Corinne (and Corinne's nanny) needs to get paid at the end of the day, and Keith was clearly right about one thing if nothing else:

She's known exactly what she's doing.

Corinne explained to E!: "I’m totally focused on my clothing line. I’m super focused on getting it. I have July deadlines and I am just hustling."

Get it, girl. Get it.

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