Iggy Azalea to Khloe Kardashian: Tristan Thompson WILL Cheat on You!

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Iggy Azalea, in addition to having one of the most famous (infamous?) asses in the world, may have a heart of gold.

At the very least, she has a cross to bear, gifted to her by ex-fiance Nick Young.

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Real quick, let's recap what happened between Iggy and Nick, OK?

About this time last year, a video that showed Nick bragging to one of his fellow Lakers about sleeping with a 19-year-old girl. Unfortunately, he included a timeline for that exploit.

And he pretty much revealed that he slept with the girl the same month he proposed to Iggy.

Iggy didn't break up with him immediately, she tried to make things work for a bit. But in the end, she ended things for good -- because Nick had also cheated on her with the mother of his child, Keonna Green. And she'd gotten pregnant a second time.

So it's safe to say that Iggy is probably triggered by Tristan Thompson, a professional basketball player who's dating a famous woman while another woman has his kid.

Khloe and Tristan on Christmas

And that's why, according to a source close to Iggy who spoke with Hollywood Life, she's trying to convince Khloe Kardashian to run far, far away from Tristan.

The source says that "Iggy's not trying to be salty or hate on Tristan but she's hit up French" -- French Montana, a mutual ex of Iggy and Khloe's -- "and told her he needs to put Khloe up on game and warn her that she's putting herself at risk for serious heartbreak with him."

"Iggy explained to French that these basketball players are no joke and don't care whose heart they break in their quest to bang every girl that breathes."

For one, that doesn't seem exactly fair, does it? It sounds like Iggy's painting all basketball players with a broad brush just because she had a bad experience.

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For two, Khloe probably already knows about basketball players, seeing as how she was married to Lamar Odom and he also recorded a video in which he bragged about cheating on her.

For three, Iggy has a point -- remember, Tristan left the mother of his child, Jordy Craig, when she was pregnant. She had her baby in December, when he and Khloe had already been dating for a few months.

So probably what we're trying to get at here is that Iggy has a point.

The source admits that "Iggy still feels some type of way after Nick cheated on her and then on top of that got his baby mama pregnant -- again."

Iggy Iggs and Nick Young

But that "She's sticking to the girl code and would hate for Khloe to experience the same type of pain she did. She's hoping French gets to her before it's too late."

We imagine Iggy's getting her warning out just in time though -- yesterday we heard that Khloe has "spies" in every city Tristan plays in because she's concerned he'll cheat.

And if that's the case, then maybe she just needs to take Iggy's advice and split.

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