Kylie Jenner-Tyga Breakup: Confirmed By Tell-Tale Snapchat?

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Ever since they first got together, Kylie Jenner and Tyga, collectively Kyga, have gone through more breakups and make-ups than ... 

Well, Kylie Jenner and Tyga. There's no other way to complete that analogy because they've set a new high water mark for such things.

The lovebirds may really be over now, though, and a simple, tell-tale sign from her Snapchat would seem to confirm the rumored split.

Kyga on Vacation

A quick glance at Kylie’s social media speaks volumes.

Anyone who follows Kylie on Snapchat or Instagram knows she posts like it's her job; Jenner is active at least 10 times a day, on average.

Which sort of makes it her job, come to think about it.

For Kylie Jenner or anyone else, when you're that active online, sometimes what you don't talk about is as noteworthy as what you do.

(The Duggars' silence on Josh and Anna's pregnancy was a great example of saying a lot on social media by saying nothing at all.)

Anyway, Tyga has been a fixture on her pages forever, whether they're hanging with his kid or he's got Kylie Jenner's breasts in his face.

Until about a month ago, when he disappeared.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods Picture

That's right, the rapper just totally vanished from her social media about four weeks ago, and hasn't been seen with her in public either.

On its own merit, this was more than enough to trigger talk of Kylie and Tyga breaking up, but one of her latest Snaps goes even further.

Last night, Kylie posted a pic with her best friend Jordyn Woods at dinner (above), and fans quickly noticed the reality star's left hand.

Note the lack of ring on it.

Those who follow Kylizzle know that the huge diamond Tyga gave her last year (a promise ring, natch) is one she almost always wears.

Its absence, therefore, stands out even more, especially since the rapper gifted it as a tease that an engagement might soon follow.

Kylie Jenner Promise Ring

Looks like the 19-year-old beauty mogul may never find out what he had in mind for an encore if that "promise ring" was just a preview.

Especially if he's really raiding his kid's savings.

The Snapchat sleuthing comes just hours after Blac Chyna ripped Tyga for stealing from King, their son, on her own Snapchat account.

Chyna, who recently broke up with Kylie's brother Rob Kardashian, slammed him in profane terms for not paying child support for the boy.

Bringing it back to Kylie, some Jenner fans are interpreting her lack of response or defense of T-Raww as yet another sign that it's over.

Ironically, Rob Kardashian - who just welcomed a baby girl, Dream, with Blac Chyna - is said to be siding with Tyga in this latest argument.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner at Fashion Week

The "Rack City" rapper hasn't commented on any of this, but he recently moved into a new home in the Hollywood Hills last week.

Insiders say he's "been partying and having people over every night," and if it didn't go without saying, "there's been no sign of Kylie."

Last Friday, Tyga was spotted out at the Los Angeles hot-spot Avenue Nightclub, with KJ nowhere to be found in his VIP section.

The next night, he hit up 1Oak in L.A., then hopped a plane to Las Vegas on Sunday for a concert, also sans Kylie in all locales.

To make a long story short: Kylie and Blac are mad at Tyga; Tyga and Rob are mad at Blac; Blac and Rob are definitely broken up.

Kylie and Tyga? We're pretty sure they are too. His loss.

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