Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Baby Girl Name Revealed! Hilarious!

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The name Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna intend to give their baby girl has reportedly been revealed, and it will make you bust a gut.

What’s in a name? In this case, a lot ...

Rob Kardashian Baby Pic

UPDATE: There are rumors circulating that Rob and Chyna broke up awhile back and haven't spoken other than at their show premiere.

UPDATE, 2.0: The baby is here. And her name is... DREAM!

That has not been confirmed or denied. Stay tuned.

In any case, the (allegedly) engaged reality stars broke the news that they are expecting a baby girl on this fall's premiere of Rob & Chyna (where else).

Now, though, Radar has a much better detail.

As if it wasn't weird enough that Rob put a baby inside his sister's one-time best friend, and his other sister's arch nemesis, get this:

They've supposedly decided to name her ...

Rob and Chyna

... KYM!!!

Oh yes, and Kim Kardashian is livid with her brother and (alleged) future sister-in-law over the proposed moniker for their future daughter.

According to Radar, the couple informed her they “plan to name their baby after her" (hilarious) and "Kim was completely taken aback."

"[Kardashian] didn’t know what to say,” a family insider said, and that was before they told her how the baby's name would be spelled.

“They gave Kim an ever bigger shock when they informed her they’d spell their daughter’s name with a ‘Y,'” the source says.

Hey ... at least it's sort of original?

Kim Kardashian in See-Through Dress

The 35-year-old reality star is "beyond furious" about this development and is figuring out the right way to tell him and Chyna it’s a no go.

No dice, at least so far.

“She’s recruited their mom,” manager Kris Jenner, “to help, but unfortunately she and the rest of the family think the name is a great idea."

Some members of the family think this is funny, in fact; Kim is not one of them, though. In fact, the insider says she's lawyering up.

Yes, seriously ...

Rob and Chyna Photo

Says this informative so-called family insider:

“Kim may have to get legal papers drawn up if they go ahead because in her mind it could affect her brand to have two Kim Kardashians in the world."

Yes. Gotta protect the brand at all costs.

“It’s even worse that Kim’s formally added ‘West’ to her name, so theoretically Rob and Blac’s daughter could end up being the only Kim Kardashian!”

Um, that's Kym Kardashian, thankyouvermuch.

Get it straight, Kard family source.

All we can say is that we're hoping against hope that this is not only true, but being documented by E! cameras as we write this article.

Was reality TV not invented for these kinds of plots?!

If you can't watch Rob & Chyna online and see the look on Kim's botoxed face when she learns that her niece is stealing her name?

This isn't a planet we wanna be living on.

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