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You’ve gotta hand it to Lala Kent.

We didn’t think anyone could misunderstand the point and purpose of reality television more than the Teen Mom stars who can’t fathom why producers need to film, like, totes personal stuff, but Lala found a way.

Kent quit Vanderpump Rules before the show’s fifth season premiere, reportedly because she was upset over scrutiny of her love life.

Ooh La La (Kent)

Having joined the show in its fourth season, one would think she would’ve watched the first 48 episodes and gotten a sense of the extent to which producers explore the cast’s romantic conflicts, but apparently her pre-sugar daddy budget didn’t leave room for Amazon Prime.

(Side note: watch Vanderpump Rules online at TV Fanatic! You’ll be better informed about the cast’s past than both Lala and Brittany Cartwright, who, in fairness, should never, ever watch the reruns for the sake of her relationship.)

Anyway, it seems many of the show’s viewers are similarly clueless as to the difference between reality TV and actual reality.

(We assume they voted for Trump for the same reason you hope the most jerk-ass contestant doesn’t get kicked off The Bachelorette).

Lala Kent Selfie

Some of these folks took to social media to lambaste Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, et al. over what they saw as nosiness from a bunch of co-workers (and co-workers’ friends) at a WeHo restaurant.

But if you think that Lala simply took a hostessing gig and wound up plugged into a drama-heavy circle of friends, we encourage you not to breed.

Kent knew what she was signing on for, and she bounced from the scene the second she realized that there’s a lot she doesn’t want the world to know about her personal life.

Stassi called Lala out for her hypocrisy on Twitter last week, pointing out that asking her co-stars to sign a non-disclosure agreement was the gross contract violation that could potentially threaten the future of the show.

Stassi Schroeder: Mark Zunino Atelier Opening

Lala persisted in playing the victim, responding on Monday (better late than never) that the cast had slut-shamed her, and referring to them as "disgusting human beings."

She followed that up yesterday, by gleefully tweeting about Stassi’s sex tape, which stripped her slut-shaming defense of any credibility.

Continuing what’s quickly becoming one of the more entertaining online feuds in recent memory, Stassi responded in a recent interview with Us Weekly, reminding fans that long before the sugar daddy talk, Kent made a game out of bullying and harassing Katie:

“Of course we had our issues with Lala, because Lala was an a–hole to Katie," Schroeder told the magazine.

Stassi Picture

"[She was] an a–hole!” Stassi reiterated.

“And when I see someone hurting my friends, I make it my mission to destroy them."

Asked how she and the rest of the cast responded to the news that Lala had quit the show, Stassi replied:

“I think we all threw a party, honestly.”

We’d say let’s go ahead and get a #LalaKentIsOverParty hashtag trending on Twitter, but Lala Kent never began.