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If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know that one of the seasons’ central storylines has been Lala Kent’s clandestine relationship with a man.

A man who’s rumored to be a married, middle-aged "sugar daddy" type.

Lala Kent on Instagram

Lala quit the show, and has rarely appeared on camera in recent weeks.

She’ll reportedly return for at least one more episode, in order to provide some closure, but the rest of the cast remains intrigued by her affair.

The big question that’s hung over this season, of course, besides whether Jax is gay (that’s every season) is that of the mystery man’s identity.

So who is this well-heeled Range Rover-gifting two-timer?

It was beginning to look like we might never find out (and it’s still possible that we won’t), but in 2017, no mystery is too big for the amateur sleuths of the Internet.

As such, some folks now believe they know who’s been on the receiving end of that good dome Lala gives and putting her on all those private jets …

Lala Kent Modeling Photo

NOTE: This is the part where we cover our asses somewhat by pointing out that this is pure speculation at this point.

We’re simply regurgitating unconfirmed rumors originally published by other online media outlets in recent days.

It seems that many are convinced Lala Kent is dating a successful film producer by the name of Randall Emmett.

Emmett, 45, is indeed married (to actress Ambyr Childers) with whom he has a child, and he is very well-off.

That means he certainly fits the bill in terms of what we already know about Lala’s rumored sugar daddy.

It seems the speculation began when Kent’s former co-star Stassi Schroeder jokingly tweeted at Lala to "give Randall a big kiss for me."

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett

Given that nugget of information, Vanderpump obsessives quickly uncovered a number of clues pointing at links between Kent and Emmett.

The most damning connection may be that Kent appears to have landed a role in a Nicolas Cage movie on which Emmett is credited as a producer.

Lala and Randall have been photographed together on multiple occasions (see above for one of those occasions).

Moreover, she recently deleted a photo of her kissing a man whose face had been blocked out after fans pointed out some similarities.

The bracelets worn by the man in the now-scuttled image look similar to the ones Emmett often sports, according the Kent’s followers.

Pretty damning evidence, but we’re guessing Lala won’t be issuing any sort of response or denial in the near future.

Ooh La La (Kent)

It seems the reason that she quit Vanderpump and has been slowly backing away from the spotlight has been to preserve her relationship.

Whether it’s with Emmett or someone else, she is living the unemployed high life these days and doesn’t want to jeopardize it.

It makes sense for her from a monetary standpoint.

(Reality shows don’t tend to pay newer cast members the big bucks, and Lala seems to be doing better without the show.)

That said, if we may editorialize for just a moment here, the beauty really needs to start holding out for better "gifts."

A role in a Nic Cage movie? Have some self-respect!