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Chris Brown allegedly bailed on his fight with Soulja Boy on the same day has he was accused of trying to fight ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Naturally, the rapper claimed victory – and delivered some epic verbal shots at his troubled, R&B singer rival – on Instagram Tuesday.

"This shit ain’t funny but it is," he said.

"Dis nigga wanted to fight me over this girl and she just put a restraining order on this nigga. He can’t be a 100 feet of this girl."

While his friend laughed off-camera, and while smoking a joint because obviously, Soulja Boy noted that CB started their beef.

Chris originally flipped out and wanted a boxing match because Soulja Boy liked Karrueche Tran pics on Instagram last month.

Until yesterday, when the dude flaked.

According to SB, CB informed him via an intermediary that he’s not signing a contract and the pay per view fight with Brown is off.

"Chris take this L. Everybody suck my dick. I’m out," the "Crank Dat" rapper said, with trademark eloquence, in his victory post.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy

It made no sense from the start, the idea of Chris Brown and Soulja Boy settling their online beef with a pay per view boxing match.

Still, the idea that should have been DOA gained legs thanks to 50 Cent, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather getting involved.

Chris alluded to this fact in his lame excuse, er, explanation for bailing on the fight a month later, taking to Instagram to note:

"All the wrong people got in the way. The middleman people got in the way. The homies, so to speak, got in the way."

"Because they want to get a piece of the pie. It’s immature, first of all, first and foremost. Second of all, ain’t no n***a ever hold me up.”

As such, Chris is out, and Soulja Boy is the default winner. Why would Brown eat the loss like this? Well, he loses regardless.

Might as well put it to bed ASAP. Think about it:

BET astutely notes that by merely being involved, Soulja Boy would be relevant again, mentioned in the same huge stories as Chris.

If the fight actually happened and Chris got knocked out, the ensuing GIF would become the most shared thing in the history of ever.

Even if Soulja Boy lost, he could allege that Chris cheated, the referee was biased, etc., and still milk a whole lot of publicity from this.

After all, when it comes to celebrity boxing matches, it’s typically two "stars" on the brink of irrelevancy teaming up for a modest check.

Think Todd Bridges vs. Vanilla Ice, or Migos vs. Sean Kingston. Basically a D-list gimmick event. (Sorry, too soon re: the latter?)

Soulja Boy, who has instigated online feuds with Bow Wow, Ice-T, Charles Hamilton, Chief Keef and more, certainly knows this.

In baiting Chris, executed a brilliant strategy.

Chris Brown Admits He's a Stalker in Terrifying Instagram Confession

Lest we forget, Soulja Boy would engage the “Cash Me Ousside” girl if he thought it would get him free publicity (he actually did that).

Knowing that Chris Brown is a stalker, as he admits in the above clip, which led Karrueche to get a restraining order, he played him.

Egging him on after Chris overreacted to middle school s–t on social media, then asking for a fight and escalating it, he’d win by default.

Brown and his temper never stood a chance.

Saying he doesn’t make the best choices is the understatement of all time, but going along with boxing match like this was real dumb.

Not as dumb as an actual fight with his ex-girlfriend, which he’s accused of trying to have as well … but dumb by normal person standards.