Oscars 2017: A Ceremony in GIFs!

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It was a big night for Moonlight, Viola Davis, Casey Affleck and many others.

What will remember most about the 2017 Academy Awards, though? A certain epic mistake, of course.

But also the following moments, recreated here in GIF form for your viewing and entertainment pleasure! ENJOY...

1. Can't Stop His Feeling!

Can't Stop His Feeling!
Was Justin Timberlake opening the Oscars a bit random? Yes. But who cares? Look at him go!

2. This Is Not a Joke

This Is Not a Joke
Or a drill. It was simply a shock.

3. Oh, Please

Oh, Please
You will always be the coolest, Lin.

4. No Shocker Here

No Shocker Here
Kate McKinnon was the funniest presenter of the evening.

5. We All Are, Jimmy

We All Are, Jimmy
We all are.

6. Emma Stone Wins!

Emma Stone Wins!
Who doesn't adore Emma Stone?!?

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