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The basic cable legal drama Suits is only watched on mute by people in waiting rooms and bus stations, and yet one of its stars is currently among the most searched-for celebrities on the Internet.

Of course, as you’re probably aware, Meghan Markle’s sudden surge in popularity has little to do with her acting and much to do with her love life.

In case you haven’t been near an Internet-capable device in the past few months (Do yourself a favor and sit down before you google the guy who used to host The Apprentice.), Meghan is dating Prince Harry, and the relationship appears to be moving very quickly.

Meghan Markle Sparkles
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In fact, there are some who believe that Harry and Meghan are secretly engaged.

We’re guessing those rumors are a result of the British tabloid press getting a bit ahead of itself, but things do seem to be headed in that direction.

Fortunately, Meghan is getting a crash course in life as a royal thanks to intense interest in her every move coming from certain corners of the Internet.

It can be tough to quantify popularity in the digital age, but there are certain yardsticks used to measure just how much love or hate a celebrity is receiving online.

In addition to the obvious ones – social media followers and "likes," etc. – there are less visible indicators that the public is enamored with a certain famous figure, and according to the Daily Mail, Meg is scoring well when it comes to how the people express their fondness through their spending habits.

Meghan Markle Red Carpet Image
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You may have heard of "the Kate effect" – a term for the phenomenon of items that Kate wears in public selling out of stores within days.

Now, it seems we’re experiencing the first waves of "the Meg effect," as women are emulating Markle’s taste in jewelry in huge numbers.

Last week, Meghan was spotted out and about in London wearing a stack of gold-plated rings from small, London-based retailer Missoma.

The store reports that online orders skyrocketed within minutes of the photos being published.

Meghan Markle Pic
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Folks who keep track of this sort of thing say that even Kate didn’t experience this sort of immediate response from fans.

Of course, it helps that Meghan doesn’t share Kate’s expensive taste when it comes to jewelry.

The rings she was sporting sell online for about $73.

It’s a good time to be a frugal royal watcher.