Jenelle Evans BURNS Nathan Griffith After "Fat" Comment

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Yesterday, we shared a clip of the Teen Mom 2 reunion in which Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith trade insults in front of Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The entire exchange was pretty silly and immature, but then Nathan took it to a new low.

Jenelle Evans Appears on Teen Mom 2 Reunion

The renowned d-bag actually criticized his ex for gaining weight.

"I don't want you to be with me. I mean, how much [sic] pounds did you gain, you gained like 30 or 40 pounds," he said.

Pretty incredible that he would sink to that level, honestly.

The clip ended on a shot of Jenelle with steam coming out of her ears, but we didn't hear a response from her at the time.

Now, the Carolina Hurricane has taken to Twitter to clap back at the father of her youngest son for his rude AF comments.

Jenelle Evans Tweet Responding to Nathan's Fat Insult

When a fan who was upset by Nathan's insult, wrote to her, she responded - to her credit - with a pretty amazing burn.

"Like I said ... Yeah I've gained weight but that's becuz I'm happy and healthy in life.. Is he? Probably not," she tweeted in response.

She then took a jab at Nathan's new wannabe man bun by tweeting a meme of a bulldog with its ears pulled up in similar fashion.

Jenelle Evans Tweet Dissing Nathan Griffith's Man Bun

Jenelle, obviously fired up, also retweeted some fans who were on her team and also made fun of Nathan's new "hairstyle."

Jenelle Evans Retweet Nathan Man Bun
Jenelle Evans Tweet Nathan Idiot

The Teen Mom 2 reunion was filmed several weeks ago, so seeing the clip now is likely re-igniting some angst for Jenelle.

It was also shot before Jenelle and Nathan reached a custody agreement for their son Kaiser, which was one of the uglier battles we'd seen.

Maybe time has healed these wounds, or maybe it hasn't.

By the looks of things on Twitter, anyway, the escalating animosity between these two will not be dissipating anytime soon.

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