Jenelle Evans: My Mom is a Liar, Read About It in My Book!

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Jenelle Evans has some problems with her mother, Barbara.

And, of course, instead of dealing with them like the mature adult she should be -- seriously, she has three kids now, would it kill her to act grown? -- she's airing all the dirty laundry on social media.

Jenelle Evans in Miami

It's not surprising, but it sure is disappointing.

There are several layers to this story. It's like a moldy, smelly, but still entertaining onion that way.

First up, there's this interview that Barbara gave to Radar about the birth of Jenelle's third child, Ensley.

"David is very excited about having Ensley," she said, which is kind of shocking, because she and David have never gotten along.

But don't worry, nothing's changed. Barbara added that "Everything was good until he threw me out of the room."

Jenelle Evans and Ensley

So she was in the delivery room with Jenelle while she was preparing to give birth. That's sweet, right? Or, well, it would have been, until that part where David kicked her out.

When Barb was asked exactly why David threw her out, she said "I don't know, maybe it's me! I haven't seen them."

As for Jenelle's side of the story, she tweeted (and deleted!) that "She was never kicked out of any delivery room."

"She says that so people feel pity for her. She ends up arguing with my boyfriend and leaves."

So who do we believe here? Jenelle, who has always been one of the hottest messes that ever was, or Barbara, who honestly seems pretty confused most of the time?

Barbara Evans Photo

It's hard to say. But what we do know is that Jenelle is really enjoying hating on her mother these days.

She's been retweeting several negative comments about Barbara, things like "Barn is seriously a conniving snake. She's probably the main reason for all Jenelle's issues. And now Jace is."

Someone asked her why Barbara's been keeping Jace instead of handing over custody to her, and she said "She really has no real reason. You will see more into this issue later this season."

But when a fan told her that her mother was using Jace against her, and that she's been verbally abusive to her, that's when Jenelle let the real juicy stuff out.

"Wait until my book is released this summer," she wrote. "There will be lots of diary entries of mine as a child and it sheds light on my earlier relationship with my mom."

Jenelle Opens Up

"Makes things very clear to me now why I have so much bad thoughts about the way I was raised. I was very unhappy."

... So Jenelle's releasing a book? And it's going to have old diary entries of hers?

We all need to pre-order this mess immediately.

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