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Jenelle Evans is at it again.

And we know, we know, "Jenelle Evans is at it again" could mean so many things, and literally none of them are good.

Jenelle Evans Gaze
Photo via MTV

It could mean that she’s back to smoking weed all day, every day, it could mean that she’s back to getting arrested on assault charges at least once a week.

It could mean that she’s back on heroin, or she’s back to pretending that everything that’s wrong with her life is someone or something else’s fault.

It could even mean that she’s back with the infamous Kieffer!

But no, don’t worry, none of that is happening.

No, this time, we just mean that Jenelle is sharing photos of her children that has the entire Internet in an uproar, convinced that Jenelle is an unfit parent and that she’s placing her kids in mortal peril.

Here’s the photo in question:

Jenelle Evans Son on Skateboard
Photo via Instagram

That’s two-year-old Kaiser riding a skateboard — well, the first photo is Kaiser riding a skateboard, the second one looks like Kaiser falling off a skateboard.

Notice anything missing? A helmet, perhaps? Or any kind of gear to protect him from falling on that concrete?

Yeah, that’s why people are scolding Jenelle this time.

"There is this thing called a helmet," someone tried to tell her.

"Put a helmet on your kid concussions are real and just wait till it happens to him then you have to deal with it," another wrote.

One of her followers said "It only takes one second to fall and hit your head on pavement, this isn’t the first time we have seen the need for a helmet!!"

Jenelle Opens Up
Photo via MTV

Others tried to defend Jenelle, claiming that the skateboard didn’t even have wheels (it does) and that Kaiser didn’t move at all on it (he did).

Some insisted that kids don’t need helmets for activities like skateboarding or skating or biking — that kids fall and gets bumps or bruises or broken bones all the time, no big deal.

Jenelle stepped in to defend herself, explaining that Kaiser "took it from Jace and tried it quickly … trust me everyone has the proper gear at my house to remain safe."

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Image
Photo via Instagram

But, as her trusty followers also pointed out, she says he "tried it quickly" but she still had time to pull out her phone and take a picture instead of making sure the kid didn’t fall on the concrete.

Yep, looks like another solid parenting move from Jenelle.