Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp: Dating Again?!

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Is Teen Mom 2 firebrand Jenelle Evans back together with her lowlife ex Kieffer Delp? That's the implication of a new report out of South Carolina ...

I See You Wiff Kieffah

After breaking up with Nathan Griffith for the 200th time last month, Jenelle wasted little time getting back in the saddle ... with her infamous ex.

Her most infamous ex, we should say. She's had 4-5 men in her lives who she's had real relationships with (none of them good), but he's the worst.

Kieffer Delp and Jenelle Evans were seen together Friday hitting up a string of S.C. bars, and "clearly partying on more than just a friend level."

Of course, the reconnection spilled over onto social media as well.

Posting cryptic lyrics about anonymous lovers, Jenelle and Kieffer both left little to the imagination about what was going on between them.

No doubt her mother, Barbara Evans, is going through the roof.

Can you imagine Babs' reaction when she learns (or learned) that her daughter is hanging around this loser again? This will give you some idea:

Another person in Jenelle's life isn't too pleased either; Courtland Rogers, her former husband, is not happy that Evans is hooking up with Kieffah.

NOTE: Reports of Evans and Rogers cozying up since her split with Griffith also surfaced, because of course they did, but we can't verify them.

Anyway, Courtland took to his Twitter to tell his ex-wife that her maligned, frequent jailbird boyfriend “needs to take a shower.” Oh, it's ON NOW.

Jenelle and Kieffah have quite the history ... of getting high with, going to court with, yelling at, and occasionally beating the s--t out of each other.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you remember the bad ol' days.

We wouldn't go so far as to say Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith had a healthy romance, but he was clearly an upgrade in many ways over this.

The bar is set low, yes. But we stand by that statement.

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