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Derek Jeter may be retired from professional baseball.

But that doesn’t mean the former New York Yankees legend is done hitting home runs.

Because he’s definitely gone all the way at least once with wife Hannah Davis.

In a post on The Players Tribune this morning, the supermodel confirmed that she’s pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Pic
Photo via Instagram

Writing about "The Derek I Know,” Davis reflects on the progression of the couple’s relationship to begin her message, saying she actually thought Jeter was a pitcher the first time they met.

(He was actually a shortstop; a future Hall of Fame shortstop, we should say.)

"I think people assume that –  because I was a relatively well-known model – dating a famous baseball player wouldn’t have been an adjustment for me," Davis writes, adding:

"But trust me, not all levels of fame are created equal. When Derek Jeter walks into a room … the whole room takes notice.

"Paparazzi followed us at times. People interrupted us during meals. The only way to maintain some sort of privacy – to be together, just the two of us – was to stay in.

"It’s funny: You don’t see many photos from the early part of our relationship … and that’s why. We rarely went anywhere."

Now, Davis basically says, you may not seem them out and about very often, either. But for a very different reason.

Now, pregnant with our first child, Derek and I are looking to the future," writes the model.

She even included a photo of the five-time World Series champion with pink balloons, breaking the news of the baby’s gender.

Derek Jeter with Balloons
Photo via Instagram

Adds Davis of her husband and the tandem’s impending child:

"He already has a name in mind – he’s set on it. (We’ll see.)… Whatever her name is, I know she’ll run circles around him."

Jeter and Davis got married in the summer of 2016, following approximately one year of dating.

This followed a romantic resume of Jeter’s that is unparalleled in the annals of Hollywood, as he didn’t merely get with Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly and other beauties over the years…

… he managed to never once get in trouble with any of them.

You’d have a better chance of finding articles about how Derek Jeter is not a winner than you would of finding any disparaging quotes about Derek Jeter by a past lover.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Get Cleaned Up
Photo via Instagram

“We want our kids’ lives to be as ‘normal’ as possible," wrote Davis.

"They’re going to be born into such an extraordinary situation. They’re going to have to be some strong little people. We don’t want them to be defined by their dad’s name – for them, we want him to just be ‘Dad.’

"That will be the piece of him they’ll have that the rest of the world doesn’t. It will be special, and it will be theirs."

Over the past few weeks, of course, other big names – such as Beyonce and George Clooney – have also confirmed that they’re expecting a baby in 2017.

We wish all these stars the best!