Farrah Abraham: Caught Lying to Fans Online?

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On the list of terrible things Farrah Abraham has done, misleading fans on social media is pretty far down there.

After all, this is a woman who talks about her daughter's future sex tape, despite the fact that said daughter is seven years old.

Anyway, if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you're probably aware that Farrah is quite the entrepreneur.

Farrah Abraham in a White Dress Photo

Whether it's selling rubber molds of her own b-hole or hawking furniture online, Farrah is an ambitious busiesswoman.

The kind of ambitious businesswoman who would make a fake online profile (with the name "Cre8wealth," of course) in order to build herself up online.

Farrah owns a chain of frozen yogurt shops and Cre8wealth seems to be suspiciously fixated on convincing the Internet that her Houston location was patronized by some (unnamed) A-list celebs on Super Bowl Sunday:

“Goal accomplished, world stardom this weekend," Cre8wealth commented on one of Farrah's Instagram posts.

She added:

“Lmao how minions talk about FroCo meanwhile top names from around the universe stopped by on their way to the game. The jelly filled haters are almost comical.”

Farrah Abraham for MTV

And naturally, Cre8 thinks Farrah looked absolutely fabulous while she was in the process of becoming world famous:

“Look at Farrah in that top pic looking as glamorous as Gisele or Ariana,” Cre8wealth wrote on one post. 

Obviously, we know who Gisele is, but does Ariana refer to ... Ariana Grande?

Has she already reached the "name's synonymous with glamor" stage in her career, or is that just in Cre8Wealth's world?

Anyway, Cre8's somewhat confusing praise for Farrah doesn't stop with Farrah's page.

Farrah Abraham in a Gold and Black Dress

Clearly, Cre8 has decided that becoming besties with Gisele would be a good career move for Farrah, which prompted her to write this comment on Bundchen's Instagram page:

“Gisele while you’re in TX you should stop by Furnished by Farrah, owned by the #1 TV celeb Farrah Abraham. Top notch pieces that would look beautiful in your castle.”

Whether the account is actually Farrah's or not (it is), many of her social media followers cried foul and called her out:

“@cre8wealth stop it Farrah no one stopped by!” wrote one fan.

“@cre8wealth You’re delusional Farrah," commented another.

Farrah Abraham sass

Not surprisingly, Farrah says she knows nothing about the anonymous fan singing her praises all over the Internet:

“I only have my account. It’s great I have fans who make accounts with my name like most celebrities have," Farrah tells Radar Online.

“I personally run four companies so I have a limited amount of time.”

We'd be more inclined to believe her if it weren't for the fact that we know Farrah is as obsessed with online reviews as Donald Trump is with SNL.

She's even posted videos of herself responding to bad reviews of her frozen yogurt.

She seemed to have no trouble finding the time to do that.

We're sure all the haters were coincidentally called ugly by Cre8wealth shortly thereafter.

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