Donald Trump Humiliates Self with Inauguration Portrait

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We should probably amend the headline above, we know.

After all, one must be capable of feeling shame in order to be humiliated.

And, of all the qualities Donald Trump has exhibited since becoming a candidate for President of the United States, one likely stands out among all the rest:

Complete and utter shamelessness.

Donald Trump at the Lectern

So that's our mistake, we'll readily admit.

But it's nothing compared to the mistake Trump and his team just made in releasing the Commander-in-Chief's official inauguration portrait.

The portrait features the 45th President of this great nation, his very awkward smile and the following words:

No dream is too big, no challenge is to great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach. 

Donald Trump Portrait

Sounds great, right? Sounds like a nice and inspiring message, one that folks across both aisles can agree on?

Sure. Except Trump included a misspelling in the message.

It's a common typo (mistaking one form of "too" for the another form of "to") for anyone just learning to master the English language.

It's not the sort of typo that one expects to be made by the most powerful person on the planet and the leader of the free world, however.

Or a fifth grader, really, for that matter.

We've highlighted the snafu below:

oops in portrait

The photograph went on sale by the Library of Congress shop for $16.95, with a sales plug that said this portrait “captures the essence of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency of the United States.”

That's pretty much accurate, isn't it?

Over the last year or so, Trump has written the following words on Twitter:

“Payed,” big “shoker,” “loose” instead of lose, “big honer” and “leightweight choker."

Earlier this month, his administration also released a list of terrorist attacks that it claimed the media has not paid proper attention to over the years.

On this rundown, the word “attacker” was repeatedly misspelled as “attaker."

trump typo

But nothing, of course, will ever top the time that Trump Tweeted about a diplomatic crisis, claiming that China committed an "unpresidented act."

That has been preserved above for posterity.

Along these forehead-slapping lines, Trump nominated Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education and Congress confirmed the wholly unqualified candidate last week.

On Sunday, the Department of Education Tweeted about civil rights activist “W.E.B. DeBois,” which anyone with an actual education knows by his real name, W.E.B. Du Bois.

The department realized its mistake, to its credit.

It went on to offer its deepest apologies for the Du Bois mishap ... but it also misspelled this mea culpa as “our deepest apologizes.”

This all really happened.

We'd like to tell you that this was some kind of strategy to make Trump and his loose grip on spelling look a bit better.


We're all screwed.

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