Easy D: Donald Trump Tweets Bizarre Phrase, Twitter Has Field Day

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Social media can be a cruel mistress.

The same sites that create kings (or presidents, as the case may be) can tear them down in an instant (or at least let people make fun of them when they say something dumb).

As you may have heard, former Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump enjoys posting the occasional tweet, and these days he focuses primarily on defending his controversial Muslim ban.

(And occasionally slamming Nordstrom for no longer partnering with his daughter, because beefing with a retail chain is totes presidential.)

We can only assume President Bannon left Donnie unattended for a few minutes today, because he sent out a bizarre tweet incorporating the phrase "EASY D!"

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day. Take a look:

1. EASY D!

The President of the United States tweeted this today. He was promptly and justly roasted for it.

2. Easy D, Defined

Easy D, Defined
One of the many possible definitions of the phrase "Easy D."

3. In Search of Easy D

In Search of Easy D
Tomi might be the only person on the Internet more thin-skinned than the Donald. So naturally, she frequently gets the meme treatment.

4. Eazy D

Eazy D
Most folks went the dick joke route, but some pointed out that Donnie's phrase brings to mind a founding member of NWA.

5. Straight Outta Trump Tower

Straight Outta Trump Tower
Was the president paying tribute to Eazy-E? Only Donnie knows for sure.

6. Donnie and the D

Donnie and the D
Just when you thought this photo couldn't get any more disturbing...

7. Very Easy D

Very Easy D
Easy D - it just has so many meanings.

8. Olbermann Slam

Olbermann Slam
Like many others, Keith Olbermann wishes out president would choose hisnwords more carefully.

9. Donnie T

Donnie T
The president may not be a rapper, but he has used the phrases "haters" and "EASY D" in the past 24 hours.

10. Sean and Kelly Are On It!

Sean and Kelly Are On It!
Good luck, you two!

11. You Gon' Learn Today!

You Gon' Learn Today!
Donnie is always learning new things about the way the world works - which would be great if he were a 3rd grader and not the president.

12. Way to Get That D!

Way to Get That D!
Like users of this fake pregnancy test imagined by the geniuses at The Onion / Clickhole, we dare you not to feel empowered by getting some Easy D. We would also recommend not getting pregnant until after the 2020 election if you value reproductive rights.

13. An Emoji is Worth 1,000 Words

An Emoji is Worth 1,000 Words
We are all Grindr right about now.

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