Blac Chyna: Nude on Instagram!

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Blac Chyna has seemingly issued a response to reports that she's pregnant.

Or she's found a seductive way to show off her recent weight loss.

Or she's taunting Rob Kardashian with an intimate glimpse at what he can no longer tap.

Or maybe it's a combination of these three possibilities. Whatever the basis for her striptease, the following fact remains:

Blac Chyna in a Catsuit


The reality star has shared a trio of images on her social media account, each more revealing than the one before it and each featuring Blac Chyna in her birthday suit.

The sexy snapshots were posted without much of an explanation (Chyna merely wrote "Simplicity" and "Angela" as captions, along with a single bow emoji one time), leaving followers to wonder why she went to this naked extreme.

Or just to drool uncontrollably on their keyboard.

One or the other.

Blac Chyna Nude Photo

Earlier this week, a source claimed that Blac Chyna was pregnant, due to the appearance of a baby bump when she was caught on camera exiting a car over the weekend.

That's pretty flimsy evidence, we know, and it certainly appears as if Chyna has provided her own counterpoints to that allegation via this naked pictorial.

It is worth pointing out, however, that she has a sheet covering her stomach in each of the pictures.

Is she hiding a growing tummy under there?

Nude Blac Chyna

Probably not.

The occasional model split from Rob Kardashian a little while back, with various insiders confirming this break-up is truly it for the controversial couple.

The parents of little Dream Kardashian are trying to handle the end of their romance in "mature" fashion for a change, according to a source, which is why we haven't heard either side mention the relationship at all in recent weeks.

But it's very possible this nude photoshoot in Chyna's way of putting herself back on the market.

Come and get it, fellas, she is clearly saying. I'm single, I'm looking darn good, and I'm ready to mingle!

Blac Chyna Naked Pic

Blac Chyna has also been on a weight loss mission ever since giving birth in November.

She has annoyingly kept followers closely apprised in regard to the numbers on her bathroom scale every week, most recently sharing a Snapchat video with a caption that reads:

"From 192 to 152.4 – Goal 130 – Summer 2017."

It's nice to have goals.

And it's nice to feel good about oneself.

It's just obnoxious to advertise this kind of weight loss journey in public on such a frequent basis.

Blac Chyna loss

Whatever reason Blac Chyna had for taking ALL her clothes off on social media, the naked fact of the matter is that she's done so.

She's clearly learned something from Kim Kardashian, her former close friend and Rob's sister, who has never met a nude photoshoot that she didn't embrace.

What do you think of these sultry images? Is it now clear that Chyna isn't pregnant once again?

And how long do you give it until she and Rob get back together for the 167th time? Think it's a matter of days, hours or weeks?

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