Blac Chyna Pregnant? Yes, According to THIS Photo

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According to multiple accounts, it truly is over for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

For real. For good. For eternity this time around.

But while the controversial couple may not want to get back together, a new bombshell report alleges that they may not have any say in the matter.

A third party may force Rob and Chyna to reconsider how much time they spend together.

Blac Chyna, New Look

And just who is that third party? Perhaps you've guessed by now...

... IT'S A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yes. Or, perhaps, we ought to say: Oh, God, no.

But MediaTakeOut wrote on Monday that it has confirmed a previous claim regarding the state of Blac Chyna's womb.

Simply put, says this notoriously unreliable website about Chyna being pregnant, "it ain’t rumor y’all it’s FACTS."

The celebrity gossip outlet points to a photo of Chyna arriving at a birthday party for Amber Rose's son as evidence that she's expecting once again.

That's all it appears to be going on while making this shocking assertion.

So you tell us. Visit the terrible site, check out this Chyna picture and determine whether or not you see a baby bump.

Blac Chyna Instagram Snapshot

If Blac Chyna actually is pregnant with her third child (the D-Lister has a son with Tyga and a daughter with Kardashian), she's going out of her way at the moment to throw fans off the expecting scent.

A day after MediaTakeOut stated this "FACT," Chyna took to Snapchat and updated fans on the state of her weight loss mission.

Those who follow Chyna on social media need to get a life.

No, wait, that's not the point here. Sorry.

Those who follow Chyna on social media are well aware that she's been documenting her weight loss journey ever since welcoming Dream Kardashian into the world, most recently sharing a video that includes this caption:

“From 192 to 152.4 – Goal 130 – Summer 2017."

If Blac Chyna really is trying to shed a few pounds, growing a child inside of her belly would be a very strange way to go about it.

Blac Chyna loss

The thing is... we only see Chyna's feet in this photo.

Interesting, right? This isn't exactly proof that the pregnancy report is erroneous. We'll need a snapshot of Chyna's stomach to officially shoot down the allegation.

Until then, we're left to wonder...

... could Blac Chyna really be pregnant again? And what if she is, but NOT with Rob Kardashian's baby?!?

“They split a while ago," an insider told People Magazine earlier this month. "The wedding plans are off. They are both trying to be mature about it."

Prior to the confirmation of this split, Blac Chyna had been spotted out with some random Patriots fan.

Might this random Patriots fan be the father? Anything is possible, right?

We'll continue to track this story and keep readers apprised of Chyna's possible impregnation.

We strongly doubt she's having a baby any time soon, but we also doubted that she and Rob were a real couple.

They proved us wrong by actually creating a life together via unprotected sexual intercourse, so we're trying to learn our lesson here.

When it comes to Blac Chyna, you simply never know!

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