Levi Meaden: Totally Making Out with Ariel Winter!

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Ariel Winter is very open about her body on Instagram.

Like, VERY open about her body on Instagram.

Considering that the Modern Family star is only 18 years old, we've probably seen far too much of her already.

But Winter has been far less revealing when it comes to Levi Meaden, only giving fans the occasional glimpse of her new boyfriend on social media over the past few weeks.

Levi Meaden

We know Meaden has seen Winter in her bra, but... well... who has not seen Ariel Winter in her bra at this point?!?

On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, however, Winter and Meaden were seen kissing in the rain after visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

This public spit swap turned their relationship from nearly-confirmed rumor to very hot reality.

Winter then shared a couple SnapChat videos of her and Meaden that explained how their date went awry that afternoon.

"We came to LACMA to see the Guillermo de Toro exhibit and it was closed and now it's pouring rain and we're stuck in it and we parked far," the actress said.

Levi Meaden and Ariel Winter

It looks like she and her man found a way to keep themselves occupied and entertained, however.

And, for once, this didn't involve Winter Twerking or even wearing a bikini!

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden

Meaden's rep, faced with mounting evidence that made it impossible for him to say otherwise, confirmed to E! News Sunday night that the two are seeing each other.

Winter and Meaden were first seen looking cozy together at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle's pre-2017 Golden Globe Awards party at the Catch LA restaurant.

The latter is a Canadian actor who you may recognize from his role on The CW's The 100.

He has also appeared on AMC's The Killing and SyFy's Aftermath.

Along with a recent vacation in Cabo San Lucus two weeks ago, Winter and Meaden broke break with each other and some friends last week.

Or they broke turkey, we should say.

Levi Meaden Picture

How do we know for certain?

Because Nickelodeon actor Jack Griffo shared an Instagram story post showing the couple at his "family dinner Friendsgiving," writing, "That's my girl w/ her man."

So there you have it.

Will Winter and Meaden last? Both are attractive and are in the same business, so they have at least one interest in common.

Anything is possible!

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