Ariel Winter and Laurent Claude Gaudette: Is It Over?

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Her senior year of high school has wrapped up, and it looks like a summer romance may be on her agenda.

Ariel Winter recently took a moment to thank those friends and family who helped make her transition from a broken home with her mother, to a life with her older sister that quickly became filled with happiness and support.

And yes, a life filled with boyfriend troubles #teenage years.

Ariel Winter and Laurent Claude Gaudette Take a Selfie

For two years, Winter has been dating singer/songwriter, Laurent Claude Gaudette.  Recently, however, Winter has hinted that she may be solo.

A month ago, Winter posted a photo of herself at senior prom, sticking two middle fingers in the air with the following message:

"Middle fingers up, Put them hands high, Wave it in his face, Tell him boy bye."

Ariel Winter Gives Two Middle Fingers

It's worth nothing that Gaudette was not with Winter at her prom, nor was he in any Instagrams from her high school graduation.

According to Us Weekly, the last time Winter and Gaudette were spotted together was back in April at Coachella.  Before that, they vacationed in the Bahamas.

Winter gushed to Us about her boyfriend in Ocotober 2015.

“It was kind of like I saw him, and I was like, I would like to get to know him. And I did!” she told the magazine at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood party.

“I’m very outgoing, so I kind of initiated the, ‘Hi, I’m here! It’s nice to meet you.’”

Winter's evolution over the past few years has brought out her confidence in herself and in the way she looks.  

After undergoing a breast reduction for her F cups, Winter felt as though she had a new lease on life.

This led to more body conscious outfits that made her look and feel great, despite some social media followers deeming them "inappropriate."

After showing off her figure in a dress that revealed underboob and reading the backlash on Instagram, Winter had this to say:

"Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress. And if you hate it, don't buy it," she tweeted.

"Embrace all that you are. Don't let those outside voices become your inner voice #mychoice #loveyourcurves."  

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