Amy Duggar: Blaming Dillon King For Failing Marriage?!

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If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you know that Amy Duggar and Dillon King have been venting some serious frustrations this season.

Amy and Dillon just got married in September of 2015, but it seems they began to clash with one another almost immediately after tying the knot.

Now, the Kings are airing their dirty laundry for fun and profit, and both production insiders and MBC viewers seem to believe they're headed for divorce.

Amy Duggar Wedding Dress

In a clip from this week's episode obtained exclusively by Radar Online, Amy and Dillon can be seen squabbling over the some seriously inconsequential matters.

We know every couple bickers about the small things from time to time, but hashing out over whose turn it is to feed the cat in public and in front of a camera crew?

That doesn't bode well for Amy and Dillon's future.

“If there is responsibilities to do, you tend not to do them,” Dillon taunts Amy in the new clip.

“You wanted to have your online banking set up. You went shopping instead of going and getting the things done!”

Amy and Dillon King

“Who do you think takes care of the cat?" Amy rather lamely shoots back.

"I’m sorry but it’s true! I’m not some loser who just sits and waits for you to come home!”

“The cat has food,” King responds.

“It’s an automatic feeder.”

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Selfie

Amy's argument is an odd one (especially given her alleged history of animal neglect and abuse), and it seems from that exchange like Dillon came out on top.

However, her castmates seem to believe that it's Dillon who needs to change his outlook and behavior.

“Just because she missed the bank one day is not that big of a friggin’ deal,” Renee Graziano says, in response to Dillon's claims about Amy's irresponsibility.

In previous episodes, Amy slammed Dillon as a "joke," and stated that she blames him for all the troubled in her marriage.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

And yet, the cast seems to be on her side.

Either there's some serious drama going on with the Kings behind the scenes...

...or Amy is one hell of a charmer off camera.

Whatever the case, divorce seems to be in the cards for these two.

Which would make Amy even more of an outcast in her family than she already is.

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