The Bachelor Winner Wonders: Oh, God, What Did I Do?!?

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According to a bombshell new report, The Bachelor star Nick Viall has a lot in common with the drinking of milk on a sweltering day.

That is, the 36-year-old is a bad decision that a certain young woman (see The Bachelor spoilers to find out which one) regrets immediately.

Viall Photo

An insider tells In Touch Weekly that the suitor who earned Viall's final rose on this season of the ABC competition isn't unlike many fans.

Or at least those who watch The Bachelor online from home, jaw dropped all the way down to the floor, and basically ask themselves:


The Bachelor finale, of course, was filmed several weeks ago. You can learn who makes Nick Viall's final four, and beyond.

According to reports, the girl who emerges victorious from this 21st season is in a particularly unusual, unenviable position:

She can actually see Nick's actions on television every week, learning what he said or did with other women prior to proposing.

And the In Touch Weekly source claims the winner “started to cry” during a recent episode upon seeing Viall “get a little too intimate.”

Viall, Nick

“Not only was she hurt by what she was seeing, but she was so embarrassed by his behavior," the celebrity news tabloid writes.

This mole does not come out and confirm that the person with whom Nick was getting intimate with was Corinne Olympios.

But come on. We just know it was Corinne Olympios.

Then again, some reports suggest she is The Bachelor winner, which wouldn't make a whole of sense given this new rumor.

Or maybe Corinne is the one bent out of shape that Nick is also cozying up to other contestants? That we could actually see.

In any case, over two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor in Paradise, Nick has been quite a ladies man.

By which we mean he has likely slept with SEVEN women from The Bachelor franchise at this point ... that we know of. 

But In Touch says the winner knows a very different side to Viall, developing feelings for him based on getting to know him away from set. 

Which makes this reality check that much harder.

Says the show insider quoted by the tabloid:

“Nick is very sweet and loving toward the winner in private, but she’s starting to see how much of a playboy he is, thanks to the show."

“She’s starting to think that maybe she made a huge mistake. She’s having second thoughts about spending the rest of her life with him.”

She really need not have that concern.

The odds of a Bachelor or Bachelorette star actually getting married are about as high as the odds of Donald Trump giving up on Twitter.

Nick Viall Appears on ABC's 'Good Morning America'

Wasn't the winner aware of Nick's reputation prior to falling for him? Wasn't this a common topic of conversation around the mansion?

Yes, this tabloid wrote. But the Viall's unidentified fiancee just chalked up all that chatter to jealousy from the other women.

But she now sees it as a warning she ought to have heeded.

This know-it-all tells In Touch that she chose to ignore it:

“The winner had heard from the other girls in the house that Nick was trying to sleep with all of them, but she always brushed it off."

“But after having watched these first few episodes, she’s starting to think the girls weren’t exaggerating [or stirring up drama]."

"Watching the show each week gets harder and harder for the winner because his behavior gets shadier and shadier.”

Nick Viall, Dolled Up

And only four episodes of The Bachelor have even aired! We have a long way to go until the finale, leaving the champion in a difficult place.

Will she continue to tune in on a weekly basis?

Will she make the unprecedented move of dumping Nick before she's even been revealed as the winner on network television?

“It’s so bad right now, the winner doesn’t even like to admit that Nick is her future husband,” concludes this report.

Fortunately, she's actually not allowed to admit it.

Not now at least. She signed a non-disclosure agreement that makes it illegal for her to discuss what happens on the show in public.

Or even in private, we're guessing.

But that doesn't change the fact that this woman has to look in the mirror everyday and ask herself if she made the right call.

She has to lie in bed every night.

With Nick Viall, as it were.

She has to admit that she's engaged to the only person that truly matters, to the person whose life will be most affected by this decision:


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