The Bachelor Recap: Corinne vs. Taylor (and Everyone Else)!

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Has The Bachelor star already made up his mind on which women he will take to the finale? Will The Bachelor spoilers be proven correct?

On The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 5, Nick Viall came one step closer to answering that question following a series of intense dates.

We also got to see Corinne Olympios in her natural habitat.

Those who watch The Bachelor online know that Corinne and Taylor have been going at it hard over the past couple of episodes now.

This week, Taylor informs Corinne that she doesn’t have the emotional maturity to marry Nick, while Corinne replies that no one likes her.

“You have this stank face on your face,” Corinne tells her.

This was an epic two-on-one date just waiting to happen.

Kicking things off, though, in the weird format in which the show does things now, was Nick booting Sarah and Astrid at the rose ceremony.

Then it's off to New Orleans where Raven Gates notes, “I would not be surprised if one of these girls went and bought a voodoo doll.”

Raven Gates (The Bachelor)

Rachel gets the first one-on-one date, in which she and Nick hit every tourist attraction in a four-minute ad for NOLA and she gets a rose.

The group date (sans Rachel, Corinne and Taylor) is in an old haunted house that’s possessed by the ghosts of Bachelor Nation past.

Kidding, but that would be awesome.

Imagine Vienna Girardi, Courtney Robertson, Tierra LiCausi and other past villains popping up randomly to spook this crop of contestants.

All we need to tell you if you didn't see this is that a whole bunch of weird things happen in the house, and Danielle M. gets the rose.

Then it's time for Monday's main event:

Corinne vs. Taylor. Winner take all.

Taylor (The Bachelor)

"Whoever he chooses he’s going to choose," Corinne says, as if it were some kind of profound analysis and not just a factual statement.

Nick Viall could have, in theory, dumped both.

There's no requirement that you have to give any roses out during a two-on-one affair, only that there's a maximum of one rose available.

One could be forgiven, then, for hoping that a date in which two swamp monsters went to the bayou might end with both staying there.

Was not to be. And you know the outcome.

Obviously Corinne was going to emerge victorious, because she's Corinne, and this will only stand to make America hate her further.

It's a TV show, after all, and she's the star.

Corrine (The Bachelor)

“Make America Corinne again,” she said, flipping her hair and grinning at the camera before the showdown with her future on the line.

“I am going to take the high road,” Taylor says, but as Corinne said, Nick is gonna choose who he chooses, and she never stood a chance.

Each of these hopefuls takes a turn getting tarot cards read as the other spends time with Nick, learning their fortunes on several levels.

"How do you make a voodoo doll specific to one person?" Corinne actually asks the medium, proving that Raven Gates was prescient.

Desperate, Corinne throws Taylor under the bus by saying no one likes her and that she starts drama, and ultimately, that does the job.

Nick sends Taylor home. America weeps.

Of course, there's the obligatory cliffhanger.

Taylor storms back to give a piece of her mind to Nick as he's talking to Corinne, so we're left to wonder what comes of that altercation.

Will it possibly change the outcome? 

Who will get the chop at the rose ceremony next Monday evening? And did the producers really pick The Bachelor winner for Nick?

Sound off in the comments!

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