Nick Viall to The Bachelor Producers: You Can Pick the Winner, It's Cool!

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Nick Viall is all too familiar with hard rose ceremony choices, but if a new report is to be believed, he needed some help with his decisions this season.

Like, all of the decisions.

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Producers calling the shots would help explain why The Bachelor spoilers leaked even earlier than usual this year, but still ... this is nuts:

According to a tabloid insider, The Bachelor star either didn't want or couldn't handle responsibility of choosing which girls to keep around.

As a result, he allegedly yielded to the writers, producers and editors to make the final call in many, if not all, cases, including the finale.

"Nick had such a hard time making decisions about the women that he literally had producers decide for him,” the show insider dished.

“All season," this Bachelor Deep Throat says, "producers would have private meetings with Nick before rose ceremonies" in this vein.

The goal? "To try and help him pick."

Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall

Yes, Nick developed strong connections with contenders like Rachel Lindsay (above) that involved real feelings and serious emotions.

That was part of the issue, though.

"Because he was so worried he’d be publicly humiliated once again if he chose wrong,” claimed the source, this all got into his head.

It’s no surprise Nick was cautious with his choices after almost getting engaged to Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette.

He also had his heart broken by Amanda Stanton on Bachelor in Paradise, so as exciting as being The Bachelor is, he felt a lot of pressure.

Said the source, “His emotions were all over the place ... [Nick] was in love with two different women and he didn’t know what to do.”

Nick, Andi and Kaitlyn

“They’d actually sway him into letting go of certain girls and keeping others just to spark controversy for the show,” the insider claimed. 

This story would be totally believable if it didn't claim that Nick's waffling extended all the way to the finale, where he let others decide.

Yes, if you believe this report, The Bachelor winner was chosen not by Viall, but the production team charged with crafting this season.

True love at its finest?

“[The producers] convinced him who to pick as the winner, too,” says the source, but that may not have been a good idea in the end.

Why? Well, getting engaged (even on reality TV) is kind of a big deal, and “now, Nick is scared that he ended up with the wrong girl.”

Nick Viall and Danielle

Seems like the apprehensive feeling might be mutual there.

Yesterday, a separate report claimed that the woman Viall chooses on the finale regrets it now that she's watched the season unfold.

This wouldn't be a huge stretch, given his antics with Corinne Olympios, which are just about guaranteed to turn off another woman.

Just knowing that Nick has, in all likelihood, been inside the "platinum vagine" of the franchise's all-time villain is a tough pill to swallow.

Well, unless you're Corinne, who some believe is the winner.

Of course, if you assume that hypothetical, it's equally easy to believe she'd be consumed with jealousy seeing Nick with other women.

It's a strange, emotionally complex world, Bachelor Nation.

What do you think, readers and viewers, about this story?

Cautious as he may be, would Nick Viall actually yield to producers and be content to see where things go with their consensus choice?

And whether it's Corinne, Rachel, Vanessa Grimaldi, Raven Gates or someone else, is there any chance their engagement will last?

Hit the comments to sound off now!

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