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Fatherhood can really change a man.

Even when that man is Stevie J.

The reality star and occasional rapper spent the last few months slamming former lover Joseline Hernandez in every conceivable fashion.

He accused his ex of taking drugs while pregnant… he accused her of physically assaulting him… and he asked a judge to force Hernandez to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Stevie J Chomps on Cigar
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Stevie also filed a defamation lawsuit against Joseline after she repeatedly charged that the VH1 star molested his daughter, an accusation she hurled against Stevie while announcing her pregnancy.

Her pregnancy by Stevie, we ought to add.

We think it’s safe to say these two have an unconventional relationship.

But might there be hope for them yet?

Perhaps not as a romantic item, but at least as civil human beings capable of raising a child together?

According to TMZ, Stevie was due in court on Wednesday for a hearing related to the aforementioned defamation lawsuit he brought against Joseline several weeks ago.

But he didn’t show up.

Might he have simply forgotten? It’s possible

However… might he be walking away from this lawsuit as a peace offering to Joseline? As a sign that he wants to squash their beef?

This is what we’re choosing to believe.

Joseline Hernandez, Baby
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Hernandez, after all, gave birth to a girl named Bonie Bella in late December.

Both halves of this unstable former couple shared pictures of the newborn on social media, clearly excited over their existence.

Is she enough to turn their relationship around?

We think so. The miracle of life is enough to mend all fences, even fences that have previously been broken by allegations of child molestation and rampant drug use.

Bonnie Bella Jordan
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Earlier this week a little more than a week after becoming a father once again, Stevie was asked about Joseline.

He didn’t slam her. He didn’t say anything negative about her at all.

The reality star went as far as to acknowledge that the pair must "come together" in order to be the "best parents" they can be.

Sage words, huh? Not the kind you would expect from Stevie J. See what he had to say about the situation below:

Stevie J Actually Says Nice Things About Joseline Hernandez

Those who want to see what else Stevie J has to do and say these days can watch Leave It to Stevie online, as VH1 has gone ahead and given this quasi artist his very own spinoff.

It’s everything we could ever want from a Stevie J reality show… and more!

Click below to get caught up with the latest episode and then sound off:

Do you want to see Stevie and Joseline get back together?!?

Watch Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 5 Online
Watch Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 5 Online