Rob Kardashian and Dream: Totally Twinning!

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Remember that rumor about Pilot Jones?

At some point last year, tabloids reported that this random actor had knocked up Blac Chyna and that Rob Kardashian was not, actually, the father of his fiancee's impending child.

It was an bombshell allegation, one that Blac Chyna responded to in threatening fashion.

She called the story "bullsh-t" and she said she would "smack" anyone who reported otherwise.

But now Rob has made sure no one ever utters such nonsense ever again.

Rob vs. Dream

In a new photo shared to his Instagram account, Rob has posted a snapshot of himself as a young boy alongside a snapshot of his two-month old daughter.

Can you even tell which is which?!?

(SPOILER ALERT: Rob is on the left and Dream is on the right.)

There's no point in discussing Pilot Jones anymore, is there?

We're pretty sure this is all the evidence we need to know for certain that Rob is the biological father of little Dream.

"She is definitely her daddy's daughter," wrote one of Rob's followers, while another chimed in with a single, appropriate word:


Dream GIF

The father/daughter likeness really was evident from the day little Dream was born in November.

Even Kim Kardashian had to point out "she looks just like Rob" when Blac Chyna and her fiancé FaceTimed from the hospital, as you can see in the GIF above.

How precious, right?

Soon after Dream entered the world, Rob also gushed over how much the newborn reminded him of his dad, Robert Kardashian, who sadly died long before his granddaughter became a person.

"Pops sent us an angel. It's truly a blessing. He's happier than anyone on this day," Kardashian wrote on social media a couple months ago.

He included the following image with this message.

And even if you dislike members of this famous family, you must admit: it's pretty moving stuff.

dream and robert

Similarly moving has been how affected Rob has seemed by fatherhood.

Yes, the guy has had his issues.

Yes, he and Chyna seem like the most unstable couple in Hollywood.

But Rob has shared an endless number of Dream photos online and he can't stop saying nice things about her and the entire experience to far via Twitter and Instagram.

Take the following cute picture, for example:

Rob Kardashian with Dream

And now consider his caption to it:

I wanted a boy so bad and now that I got my girl I am so Thankful and Happy for her and wouldn't want it any other way ! She is the best and I love her so much and I thank God every day for her cuz she is the best and she is my best friend :)

LOL I love her so much.

Let's just hope that Rob and Chyna continue to keep things in perspective, realizing how lucky they are to have a happy and healthy child at home.

It ought to be enough to prevent them from breaking up every other week, but who are we kidding?

In the world of the Kardashians, reality TV ratings are often considered more important than proper parenting.

And scandal sells.

But look at Dream's face, Rob and Blac!

Keep that adorable mug in mind the next time a producer tells you to stage a fight, okay?

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