Melania Trump on Vanity Fair Mexico Cover: Too Ironic to Bear

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Hey, did you want to roll your eyes so hard they pop out of your head, rendering you incapable of ever seeing Donald Trump and his croonies and their awful, scary faces every again?

If so, then our brand new first lady has you covered.

Melania Trump Waves to Fans

Melania Trump has been a bit of a wild card lately: is she just as terrible as her terrible husband? Or do we need to free Melania, as the Twitter hashtag insists?

It's hard to say. But you know what's not hard to say?

Melania's latest move is just plain absurd.

Somehow, someway, this woman found herself on the cover of the February issue of Vanity Fair. But not just any Vanity Fair -- Vanity Fair Mexico.

Melania Trump: Vanity Fair Mexico

This is her cover, and just in case you were confused, yes, she is eating a bowl of diamonds with a fork and spoon.

It doesn't make sense at all, but what makes even less sense is why she's on the cover in the first place.

Did the magazine somehow miss Trump's feelings about Mexico? Because he's made them pretty clear.

Coincidentally, this cover has been released just a couple of days after Trump signed an executive order pertaining to the construction of that infernal wall all along the Mexican border.

And if all that wasn't ridiculous enough, if you take a peek at that cover, they're actually calling her "the new Jackie Kennedy."

As if.

Melania Trump, Future First Lady

It should come as a surprise to absolutely one that a lot of people are upset about this cover which, as many people are pointing out on social media, came out at an awkward time.

As one Twitter user phrased it, "The wife of a man that calls Mexicans 'rapists' is on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico."

Another wrote "We demand Vanity Fair Mexico not to distribute their magazine with Melania Trump on the cover; it's a mockery and humiliation for Mexico."

Others suggested that Melania appearing in this magazine -- seriously, it's entirely too bizarre -- might be a "cry for help."


Whatever the reason may be behind this decision, it was clearly a terrible one for all involved.

Unfortunately, we're probably going to see nothing but terrible decisions for the foreseeable future. This is, after all, Trump's America.

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