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Blac Chyna is carrying the scion of the Kardashian empire, but that could all be for naught if Rob’s unborn child is … not actually Rob’s.

Well, grab a hat and hold the f–k onto that thing, because …

Rob and Chyna Photo
Photo via E!

According to a new report, Pilot Jones is the real daddy!!

We know, we were all wondering the same thing as you:

To borrow from his own Instagram handle, @whoispilotjones and how the hell did he end up coming in on Blac Chyna’s landing strip?

So to speak. Because he’s a pilot … get it?!

(High-fiving ourselves hard on that one.)

Anyway, a bombshell new story by Radar Online insinuates that Rob Kardashian might not be the real father of his soon-to-be baby.

Why? Because of Blac and Mr. Jones …

Pilot Jones Photo
Photo via Instagram

Sources say Chyna has allegedly been banging Jones, who allegedly once appeared on the hit Fox dramedy Glee, for several months.

The celebrity gossip site claims to have viewed a series of intimate pics of Blac and the sexy beast above kissing and caressing each other.

Not just kissing, but caressing. Tender s–t.

Moreover, the Pilot and the reality star were spotted clubbing together back in March, amid rumors of one of her breakups with Roberto.

He posted a video of Blac that night:

Blac Chyna on Pilot Jones' Instagram
Photo via Instagram

"Congrats to my #turnup buddy!" Jones wrote.

"The ultimate chick that knows how to #workit"

"The only chick who knows how to shake that #ass right when that #beat drops and one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out!"

"You are truly that chick!"

Now, granted, this dude loves Blac as much as he loves hashtags, but he seemed to give it up for Rob as well in a subsequent post:

Pilot Jones Picture
Photo via Instagram

"When that #beat drop and you can’t help but twerk sum @blacchyna @trinarockstarr #goworkit #pilotjones #whoispilotjones"

"Produced by: @jredbeats #spotify #itunes #trina #newmusic #newmusicalert #blacchyna #kyliejenner #lashed #twerk #prince"

"#music #robkardasian #kimkardashian #stripclub #strip #kardashian #khloekardasian #beats #beat #club #aboutlastnight"

"#friday #saturday #kimkardashian #saintwest"

"#kanyewest #music #club #friday #fridaynight"

Not sure he #namechecked enough things …

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on a Date
Photo via Instagram

Of course, that doesn’t mean much except that he’s really annoying to follow on social media and we probably won’t be doing so now.

Is this rando getting it on with Blac or not, though?

"They’re definitely great friends and they’ve known each other for a while,” was as far as a rep for Jones would go to the site.

It is true, in any case; Pilot and Chyna were seen hiking as far back as March 2015, long before Kardashian was in the picture.

In addition, Radar says that the the pair have been in frequent text communication in recent weeks. Said the source, not mincing words:

“When that baby comes out, it’s going to be brown!"

"The truth will come out eventually. Pilot is the dad.”

Blac Chyna Sonogram
Photo via Instagram

Blac is due next month; Rob and Chyna are expecting a girl, as you know if you watch Rob & Chyna online where this was announced.

Jones’s rep declined to comment on the rumors, as did Blac herself, although something tells us we haven’t heard the last of this.

Previews for Rob & Chyna have suggested that she’ll take a paternity test later in the season, so perhaps there’s something to it after all?

Take a look and hit the comments below:

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