Lindsay Lohan Deletes All Instagram Pics, Posts Arabic Message

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Over the years, we've grown quite accustomed to erratic behavior from Lindsay Lohan.

But even having spent the past decade or so marveling at the new and interesting places that LiLo's been able to take her career as a former actress and professional trainwreck, we still never saw her latest reinvention coming.

You see, Lindsay recently decided she wants to stop being young Courtney Love and start being young Angelina Jolie ... with a little bit of James Bond villain mixed in.

Lindsay Lohan Looking Fab

It all started with the reports that Lohan might be a Turkish spy.

That sounds like a joke, but there's actually legitimate reason to believe that Lohan is in league with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

We've already spent much of the day contemplating our president-elect receiving golden showers from Russian hookers, and we're feeling pretty drained, so just click the link above if you're curious as to why so many believe Linds is also in the pocket of a foreign government.

Anyway, it may seem impossible, but things only got weirder from there.

Lindsay Lohan Style Awards Pic

First, Lohan adopted an accent that can only be described as "Carmen San Diego meets freshman year drama student."

Shortly thereafter, she composed a poem about ISIS and posted it on her Instagram page, because apparently her years of hard drug use haven't done enough to shorten her life expectancy.

Now, in what may are taking as a sign that Lindsay is putting the washed-up celebrity life behind her in favor of a more spiritual existence, the actress has deleted every photo from her IG page and left only a message:

“Alaikum salam,” it reads.

Lindsay Lohan Style Awards Photo

The words mean "peace be unto you" in Arabic, and while Lindsay has been slammed for only showing the most superficial interest in Middle Eastern culture, we say, if she's serious about bettering herself through involvement in a religious community, then that's just what she should do.

Of course, this is still Lindsay Lohan were talking about, so most signs point to her not being remotely serious and just indulging in the sort of "phase" behavior most people outgrow in high school.

A statement from her publicist (and what serious spiritual acetic doesn't have a publicist?) explains that Lindsay deleted her photos because she's in a "period of renewal."

We might be more willing to give that more credence, were it not for the fact that Lindsay is once again making red carpet appearances.

To her credit, the party she worked last night was to benefit the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, but it still feels strange to start making public appearances again after an eight-month absence, the same week that you delete your social media accounts.

We believe Lindsay is newly interested in renewal these days, but we think it's her career that she wants to hit the reset button on.

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