Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Fear Itself

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Was Stevie J acting too protective over Savannah? 

She certainly seemed to think so on Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 6 when her father seemed to get in between her new relationship with Vante. 

As the episode got underway, Stevie, Scrappy and Yung Joc went out to try and get rid of their fears, but Yung Joc seemed to want to make fun of his friends. 

They were not amused as they tried to get rid of their fear of heights. 

Stevie then went to meet up with Sade and Savannah for lunch and Sade dropped the bomb that Savannah had a thing for a guy named Vante and she was meeting with him. 

After asking Stevie for money, Savannah was annoyed to learn that Stevie would be accompanying her on a date with Vante. They went on trampolines.

Stevie J Chomps on Cigar

Yeah, you would never believe that Savannah was nearly eighteen-years-old. Vante was shocked when Stevie showed up because he apparently had no idea that he was Savannah's father. 

Stevie kept getting in the middle of them so that they could not get closer, so they made an escape to the sidelines for a chat. 

Steve caught them and got in between them again. This did not sit well with Savannah, who grilled her father about it later on. 

She felt that she was being treated like a child and that Stevie should take a step back because he would not have a say in her life when she went off to college. 

Stevie J on VH1

This definitely hit a nerve and Stevie gave her his blessing to see what was out there with Vante, but Stevie also seemed concerned at his daughter moving off for college. 

Savannah was fuming with Sade for revealing her date to Stevie, but did this mean the two siblings were going back to bickering?

Thankfully, no. 

Stevie J and Faith Evans

Later, Stevie and Scrappy went out to conquer their next fear, but Stevie was under the impression they were going to a bar. Stevie revealed that he would get his "sleaze on."

That's a but much when you consider the fact that he was in a relationship with Faith. I mean, how the heck is she going to react when she watches the episode?

Stevie J Chills Out

Thankfully, Scrappy was actually taking Steve to ride a horse. This was all due to Steve being so scared of them. Scrappy was being very crude with the horse when he was describing what Steve was going to do to it. 

It was pathetic, but Steve managed to get rid of another fear. It's amazing what people will do if there's a camera following them. Right?

Finally, Scrappy and Stevie got Yung joc in the studio to get him back. Their plan was to bring a clown in so there would be nowhere for him to run. 

Their plan worked, but Yung Joc then picked up a chair to hit the clown with and the whole thing sort of fell apart. 

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