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it’s no secret that Kylie Jenner has had some work done.

Kylie’s lips have been a subject of fascination for as long as she’s been a social media fashion maven, and after more than a year of denials the reality star finally copped to getting "temporary fillers" back in May of 2015.

In the months since that not-so-shocking revelation, Kylie has maintained that despite rumors to the contrary, she has not undergone any additional cosmetic procedures.

Kylie Jenner Tries to Sizzle
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, fans continue to have their doubts.

There have been constant reports about Kylie getting breast implants and boob jobs, and we can’t even count the rumors about what she’s had done to her face.

Many celebs are subjected to that sort of speculation, but in Kylie’s case, we don’t need to rely on reports about surreptitious meetings with cosmetic surgeons, or long, unexplained absences from social media.

The proof is right in front of our faces  –  and written all over hers:

Kylie Jenner Puma Ad Image
Photo via Instagram

That’s an image from Kylie’s new Puma marketing campaign, and is it just us, or does she look a little … different?

She doesn’t appear to have made any MAJOR changes, but we see so much of Kylie’s face on a daily basis (she is, and ever shall be, the Queen of the ‘Gram) that even minor alterations are glaringly obvious.

We’ll probably never know for sure, as cosmetic work is pretty much the only thing that the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are private about.

But we think it’s safe to say that Kylie is either heavily ‘toxed and heavily ‘shopped in this pic.

Kylie Jenner: Blonde, Again
Photo via Instagram

Interestingly, Kylie’s work with the sneaker company represents something of an eff you to her famous brother-in-law, Kanye West.

Her endorsement has been a source of family controversy ever since it was announced, with Kanye declaring he’d do everything in his power to stop it dead in its tracks:

"1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything," West tweeted back in February of 2016.

Kylie Jenner Drives, Poses
Photo via Instagram

"That’s on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!"

He added:

"Puma we gone give you your measly million dollars back!!! Never try to divide the family!!!"

We guess Puma ponied up enough measly dollars to change Kylie’s mind.

Those procedures aren’t gonna pay for themselves!