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Kylie Jenner surely isn’t being shy when it comes to antagonizing rumors that she got a boob job. 

Though she’s denied it in the past, it really looks like the Kylie Jenner boob job happened, she jumped the shark, and finished off the rest of her very … uh, polished-looking body. 

Kylie Jenner Boob Job Picture
Photo via Instagram

This isn’t the first picture as of late to trigger boob job rumors, either. 

Photographed at Christina Aguilera’s birthday party earlier this week, Kylie was sporting a significantly larger bust, and we don’t think she was overlining her tits like she used to her lips. 

To be fair, Kylie’s boobs of yesteryear appeared to be much smaller, and in a more triangular shape. 

Her current look is very full, very teardrop-shaped, and very in-your-face. 

Kylie Jenner at Christina Aguilera's Birthday Party Photo
Photo via Instagram

Previously, Jenner said that she had no interest in getting her boobs done, just like Kanye West has no ambitions of ever being President. 

She said, "I thought about [getting breast implants], but I’m like, ‘Why ruin it?’ I have really good boobs naturally and they’re a cute little size."

"I’m not against it, but right now, it’s not for me." 

Does it mean that right now – as in right now – it is for her? 

Because it really looks like she did something … and if not for her, then for everybody else. 

Tyga, the mags, fashion photographers, social media … it’s always for somebody. Right?!

Kylie Jenner, Fruit and Boobs
Photo via Instagram

To be fair, though, Kylie’s received nothing but criticism over the last years for her ever-changing look. 

So much so that Keke Palmer defended Kylie after she was bullied for her classic Jenner looks. 

She wrote, "After Trump’s win, I really was convinced that we have become so obsessed with making things appear to be real than needing them to actually be real." 

"AKA: Reality [television], that’s the gag," Keeks continued.

"Reality television is based off of the desire WE HAVE to see non scripted shows that MIMIC reality, ‘false things appearing real’ that’s the ART of it, how they can make us THINK it is."

Kylie Jenner: Blue Paint Nude!

"And many social media platforms support that same thing. We have settled for knock off truth in our actual reality because it’s socially acceptable to lie for likes," she spat.

"Looking at this photo above I couldn’t help but stop dead in my tracks because even though I do feel like this family sets an example that it’s good to change for societies affection, how can you blame them?"

"We don’t think that this young woman deserves the attention she receives because of the message it sends but we don’t even think about the fact that for years the whole world damn near agreed that she was ugly," she said.

"A CHILD, that girl was a child and she was bullied and named ugly, and not as a character but as HERSELF."  

She wasn’t done there.

Kylie Jenner Bullying Meme
Photo via Instagram

"And unlike some that experience such ridicule she had the $$$ to change, she ‘fixed’ what the world said was broken and it worked!"

"Now you are mad that it was that easy?" she asked.

"When the generation has already been force fed to love things that are false and appear as real, we are confused!"

"So many of us on who we should be and how we should act, who we should like and how we should pursue them."

"It’s all been brought to another level because being fraudulent is our countries most popular trend," Palmer continued.

"If only we could accept one another instead of bullying each other into change," she continued in what became an epic, albeit random missive.

"We wouldn’t be so confused or misunderstanding all of these mixed messages that ultimately tell us to trade attention for respect and love for possession."

"We could instead let our differences TEACH us something new instead of walking around looking, acting and being the same."



Now, if Kylie Jenner did get a boob job, don’t you feel pretty bad about yourself?