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It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner has gotten some work done, but no one is sure just how much of Kylie’s transformation into Kim Kardashian is natural, and how much of it is doctor-assisted.

Kylie has admitted to using "temporary lip fillers," but claims that’s the extent of her cosmetic enhancement. Now, Radar Online is reporting that Kylie underwent another procedure recently, and the change is so subtle that even her biggest fans might not notice:

Kylie Jenner Teeth Photo

See anything different? One source tells the website that Kylie’s oral fixation shows no signs of letting up, and the 18-year-old once again splurged on a widely expensive procedure to perfect her mouth.

“Kylie just got veneers a few weeks ago,” says the insider. “A big A-list doctor did them. He’s the same doctor who has done the entire Kardashian clan’s veneers, plus half of Hollywood.”

Seems like kind of a waste of money, as you could spend hours scrolling through Kylie’s Instagram page without finding a single shot in which her teeth are visible.

Just like the big sis she admires so much, Kylie rarely smiles, and when she does, it’s a close-lipped look meant to draw attention to unnaturally plump lips.

But maybe she was just self-conscious about her pearly whites. Maybe we’ll see more big, toothy grins now that Kylie has the same veneers as the rest of her family.

On second thought, we doubt that was the problem. Kylie doesn’t strike us as the insecure type.